Meanwhile…in Germany Today

Meanwhile…in Germany Today

There is no shortage of pundit comparisons of America today to Germany in the 1930’s, as antisemitism spikes in various locations throughout the country.  But there is almost no coverage of what is happening in Germany today, as farmers and others are rising up in numbers never seen before to protest an utterly unresponsive and even defiant government fixated on bowing to leftist climate alarmism and other isms.


Take a look at the post below.  Have you seen any mention of this in MSM outlets?


There is a reason for the MSM’s selective engagement with the world:  everyday people are rising up against elitist ruling classes everywhere…and that includes America.  The MSM is a part of that ruling class, and they apparently think they can pretend their way out of their own demise.  They can’t.



Eva Vlaardingerbroek
I’ll be traveling to Berlin next week as the German Farmers have announced that they will launch a protest “larger than the country has ever seen before” on Monday, January 8.
Multiple farmers’ associations, the train drivers’ union and the trucking industry have announced they’ll be mobilizing against the federal government’s plans to cancel for agricultural diesel, cut vehicle tax exemptions and increase truck tolls and carbon taxes.
There are also countless calls on social media for a general strike against the federal German government – demanding they step down.
Mark my words: There is no doubt that if all of these sectors hold their ground and do not back down as a result of the establishment’s usual intimidation tactics, that they have the power to completely paralyze the country and finally demand change.
This wouldn’t be a turning point just for Germany, but also for the rest of Europe. #nofarmersnofood #Bauernprotest