Meet a Courageous American:Bravery and the Politics of Ideas

Meet a Courageous American:Bravery and the Politics of Ideas

Ladies, Can We Talk encourages women of every background to look at politics and voting from the inspiring, enlightened and empowering perspective of ideas, not group identity politics, and to speak up when it’s right about what you believe. This choosing to unite around ideas that LCWT advocates is the same approach Republicans and conservatives bring to politics.

It is in clear contrast to the Democrat Party of today whose leaders paint a picture of America as inherently divided into hyphenated compartments based on race, ethnicity, gender and increasingly in this political season, income level, all pitted against one another.

Dividing America into groups inevitably leads to the pressure ofpolitical correctness.  Many people feel compelled in their public lives and personal conversations to appear to agree with the group to which the Democrats (and their allies in the media) have assigned them.One very common politically correct view is that racial and ethnic minorities are “supposed” to be Democrats, as are “enlightened” women.

Bravery is required to stand up to this kind of political correctness.

Enter the HonorableArtur Davis, a black Harvard law school educated American and former Democrat U.S. Congressman from Alabama. His political career included serving as the vice-chair of the Democrat’s Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), and stepping up as one of the earliest congressmen outside of Illinois to support Barack Obama. At the Democrat convention in Denver in 2008, Davis seconded Obama’s nomination for the presidency. Davis stepped back from politics in 2010, and moved to the Washington D.C area to practice law.

But he made an even more politically significant transition last year. He switched political parties, Democrat to Republican, and in one phone conference explained:

I made a decision that on every single issue we’re debating in the country right now, what Republicans were saying made more sense to me than what Democrats were saying.

I saw a Democratic solution that always amounted to 'Let's take more money from people that are successful and grow the footprint of government… That became the two-pronged, all-purpose solution to every economic problem.

Ladies, Artur Davis hit the nail on the head about what the Democrat Party of today stands for. And despite being a nationally prominent black politician whose words are sure to upset and in fact enrage the political correctness police, he spoke up!

It is freeing to speak up for what is true, and for right ideas, and LCWT is encouraging women to do just that.

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