Melissa Mackenzie – To Dick Cheney and His Ilk: It’s Not About Trump – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Melissa Mackenzie – To Dick Cheney and His Ilk: It’s Not About Trump – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Dick Cheney’s ad for his daughter marked the high-water mark of ruling class obsession with Donald Trump.   Over the top.  Ridiculous.  Foolish.  Stupidly out of touch.  But Cheney couldn’t help himself.  It’s how the Beltway/Swamp has made him think.   He didn’t move the needle for his daughter; he moved it away from her.  Melissa Mackenzie of American Spectator gets it.


To Dick Cheney and His Ilk: It’s Not About Trump – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

In the grips of monomania, psychotic people perseverate on their object of interest. They talk about their enthusiasm incessantly and believe, wrongly, that everyone else is similarly inclined. America’s establishment, left and right, and the media, are obsessed with Donald J. Trump. Trump’s tweets, his pretend press releases, his real ones, doesn’t matter. He occupies every neuron and inflames them. With each sweaty proclamation, the monomaniacs sound increasingly unhinged. Dick Cheney called Donald Trump the greatest threat to humanity and America and all that is good and decent. And also, he’s proud of his daughter because she staked her whole life and career on stopping a politician who is not currently in office and isn’t on the ballot. Vote for the obsessive! She cares!

At risk of writing into the void, it is not about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has the charisma that American Presidents have. He’s charming, funny, gives good quips, and people want to be around him. He’s likable in the same way Barack Obama and George W. Bush were before him. His humor is criminally underrated mostly because people blinded by implacable hate tend not to laugh. Trump has the timing of a comedian and the self-awareness to know which lines land and which fall flat. The haters have none of this self-awareness. They’re humorless scolds and fearful holy rollers ranting on corners with sandwich boards screeching, “The end is nigh! Get right with the Lord and abandon Trump!”

These folks, experts, just ask them, supported Joe Biden for president. Before him, they supported Hillary Clinton. They wanted the limp biscuit Mitt Romney. Twice.

Worse than the terrible political choices, the ruling class embraced, embrace,  terrible ideas like taxing and spending in a time of inflation, supply chain issues, increasing interest rates, and recession woes. Look at the job creation, though, cry Biden supporters. Yes, look at them. The only reason jobs have to come back is because jobs were killed in the first place. But gas prices are falling! Yes, they’re only nearly $2 more than when Joe Biden came into office, lucky us.

History didn’t start with Biden, though. During Obama’s recession, the working and middle class were shellacked. Their wages declined. Job growth was stagnant. Race relations went down the crapper. Most importantly, the middle class lost their homes while Wall Street was bailed out.

The power of the federal government was turned against the Tea Party folks. Just like now, establishment Republicans didn’t do anything about it. They hate these voters as much as the Democrats do. These corporatist Republicans don’t care about jobs shipped overseas or lost homes or IRS audits strangely focused on a certain segment of the population. And they don’t care that 87,000 newly minted IRS soldiers for the roid-rage fueled federal government will attack their ideological enemies with zealous relish — and Americans are paying this vast army for the pleasure of this persecution.

John McCain complained about the hobbits. Current Senators refer to the mostly peaceful January 6th protesters as “terrorists” while ignoring actual communist terrorists.

It isn’t about Donald J. Trump. It’s about you.

If Republican voters have a choice between people who actively hate them or someone who will at least try to represent their interests, who will they choose? If the latest slate of primaries is any indication, these voters are not choosing you. Again.

The Tea Party waves were a reaction against these GOP haters. Donald Trump was just another vehicle to convey the voters’ rejection of the establishment class. There will be another red wave (and no, abortion isn’t going to affect this) and with any luck, the balance of power will shift. Instead of a D.C. class trying, in vain, to receive the approbation of a midwit media, perhaps the newly elected will represent the people who voted for them. Maybe.

You, Liz Cheney. You, Dick Cheney. You, George Bush. You, nameless, faceless high-brow hater for never mind pathetic publication funded by lefties amused by your mental illness and exploiting it to forward leftist aims. You, who claim to speak for people you revile.

All of you created the need for a Donald Trump and you’re creating the need again. Like a finger caught in a Chinese trap, you keep fighting and make an enemy of your creation. This enemy is a necessity because you’re everything you used to hate. Look in the mirror. Do a gut check. Review your life choices. You haven’t been betrayed by the American people. You betrayed them and now, they’re spitting you out.

Trump will be remembered. You will not be. The irony, of course, is that you made him.

America needed Trump because of you. Enjoy that bitter pill while flinging your body around the padded room necessitated by your drooling hysteria.

The American people are focused on gas prices and inflation and crime and a myriad of worries about the future. That’s rational. That’s normal. They’re right to be concerned.

D.C. elites focus on Trump while the country suffers. It’s no wonder you’re hated. It’s no wonder there’s Trump.