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Membership is Coming!

Very soon, we’ll be launching what we plan to name the “Speak Up America Network”.  Network membership will be offered for a small monthly or annual fee, and in exchange, members will have access to exclusive, exciting content while (1) helping to make sure this site stays free of ad clutter, and (2) super-charging our efforts to get the message of this site (and all of its free content) to every woman in America!


In my hometown of Dallas, Texas, my friends know that everything I do with my radio show, speaking engagements, and this website is truly a labor of love—of love for our country and a determination that she shall not lose her precious heritage of liberty on our watch! Spreading that love and determination is the mission of Ladies, Can We Talk?—and I hope you’ll soon become a member of the Speak Up America Network to help make that mission as successful and powerful and effective as it can possibly be.


Thanks so much for giving Speak Up America Network membership your thoughtful consideration!  Check back here in the coming weeks for details


–Debbie G.