Michael McKenna – We are all unvaccinated

Michael McKenna – We are all unvaccinated

From the Patriot Post (bold italics added):

“Vaccines prevent one from becoming infected with a disease and prevent the transmission of the disease to others. …

A significant portion of those now testing positive for the virus has been ‘vaccinated’; a sizeable fraction has been boosted as well.

Moreover, additional millions have contracted omicron in an intensity below what warrants testing.

So, whatever shots we took earlier in the year were not vaccines, at least not as that term is understood by native English speakers everywhere.

Consequently, all of the judging and anger that the ‘vaccinated’ directed at their fellow unvaccinated over the last year was largely pointless and misguided.

The simple truth is that we have all been unvaccinated, whether we got the shots or not.

Without a true vaccine, it is not clear why anyone other than your doctor and your loved ones should care about what course of therapy you choose for any medical condition.” —Michael McKenna