Mindy Robinson – “Black Rock: One Company to Rule Them All”

Mindy Robinson – “Black Rock: One Company to Rule Them All”

This is another very long read, and from somebody most of us have never heard of.

As with Mark Steyn, there are a lot of things she writes about that a lot of us would rather not believe.

And just a few years ago, much of what she has written might be given the back of the hand and dismissed without even a scan.

But as many others have noted, in 2021, the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about six months.

So digest it yourself when you have the time, and you decide.  Reads awfully credibly.

We definitely agree with one of her statements:

We are all being played on a scale never seen before.


Black Rock: One Company to Rule Them All

By Mindy Robinson

What if I told you that the same people manufacturing and pushing all these untested, experimental covid vaccines…have all mass-injured and killed people before with one? Since 2021 is turning out to be the year all our “conspiracy theories” come true (and by conspiracy theory, I mean a more plausible, and educated answer than anything our government and media is currently shoving down our throats) there are a few things I thought deserved some re-investigation…and you won’t believe what I ended up uncovering. The reluctancy of our government officials to answer even the most simple questions about the lack of election integrity, coupled with the nonsensical and unreasonable actions of hypocritical politicians over all these ridiculous covid mandates the last year (and are already re-vamping up in states like California and Nevada now for no reason other than to punish people that refuse to take an untested vaccine) have not gone unnoticed by the public. To many people, it never made sense that forcibly locking down healthy people to protect the sick (that were already vulnerable to everything anyway) was going to do anything but devastate the country’s economy and shudder small businesses. Nor why any sane, non-evil person would purposely place sick covid patients into nursing homes to infect the most vulnerable people of us all that they claimed we were shutting down everything for in the first place. Attempts to question any of this madness on social media resulted in suspensions, shadowbans, post flags and removals, and a slew of prominent vocal dismantled accounts from General Michael Flynn to the apparently ever-so-threatening My Pillow Guy. The same social media platforms that have to be sued to remove child porn by the underaged victims themselves, have no problem focusing all their time and manpower on suppressing and removing dissenting political opinions that they disagree with, right down to the funny memes. The mainstream media has been visibly complicit across the board, as if they were all reading from the same bad script….because well, they literally are. Our corrupt judicial system who refuses to prosecute BLM and Antifa protesters who burned down buildings, assaulted officers, and looted businesses…has no problem holding Capitol protesters captive in jail for half a year now without bail or a trial, in solitary confinement, beaten by guards to the point where someone lost an eye all for the crime of “trespassing” in a building most of them were let into that their damn taxes pay for….and it’s got everyone wondering what the hell is *really* going on here? As a conservative activist I gave up on the GOP months ago for their gutlessness and refusal to stand by the American people that (supposedly) elected them. All we wanted was a forensic election audit to settle it once and for all, unite a divided nation, and assure us that our votes actually mattered…and instead I end up yelling at Lindsay Graham in an airport for going against his word and being a compete traitor. Whether you liked or hated Trump, he was doing amazing things for this country and our economy…things that were disrupting the congressional gravy train of corrupt politicians from both sides selling our country out to corporate and foreign interests to line their own pockets with kickbacks and book deals. If Biden is the “most popular president of all time” than why doesn’t it look or feel like it at all?



With the distractions of lockdowns, election fraud, censorship, and corrupt Governors across the country illegally stripping Americans of our constitutional rights “for the better good” that went on throughout most of 2020….something else more sinister and subtle was going on in the background. Black Rock, the largest investment company in the entire world was buying up every house they could get their hands on at a 20-50% markup, which of course artificially raises home values, and is already pricing out the working and middle class. It’s turning independent American homeowners into renters at the mercy of powerful, global landlords and at a heavily concerning pace. Bill Gates (who’s now the largest farmland owner in the country) and China have also bought up unusually vast amounts of prime American farmland, and it’s hard not to get the feeling that our country is quickly being sold out from underneath us.


The “Great Reset” you might have heard mentioned before, isn’t just a “conspiracy theory.” It’s an actual thing where the ultra-powerful elites of the world got together and decided how the rest of us should live. According the movement’s own website “The Great Reset is a creative industry movement to embed the positive environmental shifts that have happened during lockdown as THE new normal.” The website goes on to praise how the lockdowns that destroyed the economy were really helpful with lowering carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Imagine thinking climate change is more important than individuals losing everything they’ve ever worked for, because clearly the “real problem” with pollution couldn’t possibly be all these foreign factories belching out toxins into the air and plastic into our oceans, while using slave labor and children to make a profit….that’s the kind of destructive, selfish, insanity we’re dealing with here.


Their mission is to not let things “go back to normal” as they once were. They are perfectly happy watching the mega-corporations they own become richer, at the cost of pushing out and buying up smaller businesses who can’t compete with the forced covid restrictions and long term mandates that politicians on these company’s payrolls are unconstitutionally pushing on us. If what they were doing were truly about helping the environment…then why isn’t China (who’s by far the largest polluter on the planet) mentioned anywhere on their site? China just got caught working with Fauci to create this same bioweapon called Covid-19 that they’re currently using to control the world, so yea…I bet you want to forget about their role in this, how Biden is in bed with China, and that that’s why the FBI and the media covered up Hunter’s laptop until after the election. Another movement related the Great Reset, is Agenda 21….which is also not just a “conspiracy theory.” It’s an institution that’s been around since the 1970’s, but only came to fruition when Bush Sr. signed onto it at the 1992 Earth Summit. Bill Clinton would go on to continue the program as it was passed as a “soft law” that it didn’t go through Congress like it should have (because it would honestly have never passed and people would have started grabbing pitchforks and torches if they knew what it was really about.) Agenda 21’s mission is for the world’s governments to end individual freedom for the good of the “community” and to seize control of all land, properties, and homes because human beings just aren’t doing a “good enough job” taking care of the earth on their own. Sounds like extreme communism to me….actually, it sounds a lot worse than extreme communism as there won’t be any other country to run to, as their intention is to make this grey, dystopian future hell global. In their world there will be an ultra elite class to rule over and make all the decisions, and a serf class of worker bees that will “own nothing and be happy.” I’m not kidding either, here’s the World Economic Forum’s ungodly video about it here.

They see the middle class as a waste of resources, and firmly believe that the human population needs to be reduced dramatically and rapidly. If you can tell me how that can be done that doesn’t involve some genocidal idea like…oh, I don’t know, manipulating a virus to become more contagious and deadly, while pushing a “vaccine” that seems to be killing more people than curing anything, let me know. Almost every drug commercial I’ve ever seen has had a warning about not taking it if you’re pregnant…but not this experimental, barely tested, and can’t be held legally liable if it kills or injures you covid vaccine. We’ve got reports rolling in of miscarriages and stillbirths in multiple countries and the media is trying to ignore it. Then you look at whose pushing the vaccine and making money on it, and you’ve got the same people involved over and over again…Fauci, Big Pharma and Bill Gates with his omnipresent Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pushing this barely tested vaccine. Well, at least it got the people that were scared of covid to ease up on the lockdowns, right? I’m sure they’re totally not going to come up with a new wave or “variant” that they intend to use to keep people forcibly locked down in perpetuity or anything (cough, cough, delta/lambda/some other bullshit variant.)

Speaking of pointless yet damaging lockdowns, let’s get back to “why” Fauci decided to lie and shut this country down in the first place. Is he just some weird, ego-driven maniac enjoying the attention on the world’s stage, or his he a powerful puppet for something darker? Think about who stands to gain the most out of a manufactured pandemic…ah, that’s right…the vaccine manufacturers themselves. They don’t even have to spend money advertising for their product either, because the government’s using $250 million dollars of our own tax money to fight “vaccine hesitancy” because God forbid people want to see if the long term side effects are worse than the virus itself. That’s on top of all the bribes from mega-corporations to convince people to take it and illegal mandates by employers and venues as well. Social media and the mainstream news have actively hid and suppressed mentions of vaccine side effects and deaths, even going as far as dismantling accounts and entire discussion groups for discussing their own personal experiences. Personally, I’d like to know why Facebook’s independent 3rd party covid fact-checker site is funded by billions in Johnson & Johnson stock. Seems like it’s just a site pushing its own propaganda and self interest, but what do I know I’m a “conspiracy theorist” to them. Zuckerberg already spent over $350 million dollars of his own money to openly steer an election in his favor, and now they’re finding election fraud in every county he funded…so I’m pretty sure him immorally pushing an experimental vaccine down people’s throats wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibilities for that him to do.

So who actually does produce covid vaccines in the United States? Well, you’ve got these 3 German billionaires who just made even more billions producing the Pfizer vaccine for BioNTech.

You’ve also got Sanofi which produces the vaccine for Moderna (but we’ll get back to these two companies later for an interesting twist.) Now here’s where it gets really interesting….both the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are produced by the exact same manufacturer in America, called Emergent BioSolutions (formerly BioPort.) Without a bidding war or even shopping around, Emergent was magically bestowed by the lucrative contract to be the sole producer of both company’s vaccines. Want to guess what the only other marketable product this company has ever produced in their entire corporate history was? Biothrax….the failed anthrax vaccine that the government forced onto our service members during a “mandatory vaccination” period 20 years ago to their physical detriment and whose long term effects are the main suspect behind Gulf war syndrome that effects 25-30% of veterans that served at that time. This toxic injection was sold at price gouging profit of 300%, despite the fact it was government subsidized….that’s right, they robbed us blind by producing a product we paid for and was then made mandatory for the military.

Now let me introduce you to the wonderful individuals currently making most of the covid vaccines in America:

Meet Fuad El-Hibri a German citizen of Lebanese decent, he’s the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Emergent BioSolutions, he also has ties to Osama Bin Laden and only became a US citizen because someone at the Pentagon thought it was a “bad look” to put a foreign national in charge of our military vaccine stockpiles. Yea, no kidding.

BioPort/Emergent also holds the honor of being headed by Admiral William J. Crowe the former Head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Back when Bush senior was President and setting up Osama Bin Laden as a “freedom fighter,” Admiral Crowe and his associates were according to many reports, selling American made weapons-grade Anthrax to Saddam Hussein in the hopes that he would use it against Iran. How’d that turn out for you, Bub?

Now meet Jerome Hauer, the Independent Director of Emergent BioSolutions and a major stock holder, who also happens to be suspected in having a hand in both 9/11 and the subsequent “anthrax mail scare” that occurred just weeks after.

Think I’m kidding? You see, Jerome Hauer had an office in building 7 of the World Trade Center…you know, the building full of important paperwork for things like the $2.3 trillion dollars Donald Rumsfeld announced the government “lost” the day before 9/11, and files on the Safari Club (the clandestine arm of the CIA) that collapsed in on itself in the attack despite not having been hit by a plane or debris, being heavily steel fortified, and fell down for absolutely no reason according to architectural experts from across the world.

Don’t worry about Hauer though, he decided not to go to work that morning…although he did manage to make it on TV that day with Dan Rather to declare this was the work of Osama Bin Laden…before anyone in the government had even said anything about it. The same cannot be said of Bin Laden terrorist expert John O’Neill who was hired by Hauer the day before, and killed helping people trapped on 9/11 on his first day of work. Weird how the only guy that would know if Bin Laden really did this, died on his first day of work on 9/11 *and* was hired by the guy trying to now blame Bin Laden for it. Is now a good time to mention that Jerome Hauer was also the head of security for the entire World Trade Center complex, and that if anyone had access to send in teams to demo the buildings to guarantee them all to fall, it would be him? He was also obsessed with collapsed buildings and had pictures of them all over his office, because that’s normal. Planes hit the towers that day, it was on live TV and people across Manhattan saw it. Now as to whether that would cause the towers to collapse in on themselves when they were specifically designed to withstand not just one plane crash but multiple (including like I said Building 7 which wasn’t hit or even right next to the towers) or whether our government “really” lost track of the terrorists when they were on to them the first time, I can’t say. But it did pull America back into war, and the murderous beast that is the military industrial complex began booming again at the cost of American tax payer’s money and lives. If the idea of our government faking an incident to drag the country into war for money seems like “too much” for you, let me remind you that President Johnson did that exact same very thing (we know now from declassified documents) when he pulled the United States into the Vietnam War by using the nonexistent Gulf of Tonkin incident to get war powers granted to him by Congress. Something I highly doubt President Kennedy would have ever done…which Johnson infamously replaced upon a well known conspiracy theory all it’s own.

But I digress, I have to mention the fact that both Fuad El-Hibri and Jerome Hauer of BioPort/Emergent BioSolutions, were both suspected of being behind the Anthrax mailing scare of 2011 that sickened 17, and killed 5. Turns out there’s a really short list of people that would even have access to military grade Anthrax and be able to safely handle it…and an even shorter list of who would actually profit from such a thing. Originally the FBI tried to blame Iran, as another part of that “weapons of mass destruction” tale they loved pushing in the Middle East that turned out not to have never existed, but man…it sure got us into some expensive wars that the military industrial complex made a lot of money off of. The “blame Iran” theory was pushed out personally by perpetual war mongerer Senator John McCain, because well…of course. Investigative journalists on the other hand were looking at Fuad and Hauer, although the FBI eventually rested blame on microbiologist Bruce Ivins, a biodefense researcher for the US Army’s infectious disease lab for 18 years. The FBI had no proof Ivins ever did anything other than work at the lab, and he had absolutely no motive to harm is fellow Americans whatsoever. Newspapers at the time (journalism wasn’t always dead) were in an uproar on how flimsy the FBI’s case was and demanded an independent investigation into it. Here’s just one publication and its theory all about the Anthrax mailings…read it and tell me if anything sounds eerily familiar?

What if I told you, that despite the year long narrative by the media about how these are “unprecedented times” with all this endless disease fear mongering, and all this pushing experimental vaccines and scaring the hell public to control them…all happened 20 years ago?

What if I also told you that the same people that were involved then…are involved now? With the entire covid 19 pandemic narrative falling to pieces due to the recent release of Dr. Fauci’s damning emails, it’s got a lot of people wondering “Why the hell did this guy just lie to an entire country, knowing he was wrecking lives by doing it?” Fauci admitted in emails that store bought masks didn’t work, but he made people wear them to the detriment of their health anyway. He stated he knew lockdowns didn’t work and asymptomatic people weren’t contagious….but he forced people to shudder their businesses, miss weddings and funerals, and destroyed the country’s economy over nothing anyway. Then there’s the fact it turns out that he was the main person behind the “gain of function” (AKA the turning of coronavirus into a bioweapon) by funding the illegal work using our tax money with our foreign enemy China. Forget about pulling his book from shelves….why isn’t this guy on trial for crimes against humanity? He knew it came out the Wuhan lab, it was the exact human manufactured virus strain they were working on there, and it was their researchers that were the first to get sick (which they also hid for months)….but he covered it up and blamed it on“bat soup” just so that people wouldn’t think it was all his fault? How this guy is even able to walk around without mobs coming after him for killing their friends and family, I do not know.

Keep in mind, these infamous Fauci emails also revealed that Mark Zuckerberg offered to push Fauci’s fear mongering covid narrative all over on Facebook and Instagram, using the fact checkers both he and the Communist Party of China personally fund (no, I’m not kidding) to suspend people and flag every post that dared to question if masks work or of the vaccine was really safe. The fervor in which social media, politicians, mega-corporations, and Big Pharma have been pushing an untested, experimental injection onto the populous…one that has harmed and killed more people in the last few months than all other vaccines combined in the last two decades…is the most immoral thing I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life…and of course, it’s all done under the direction and “blessing” of Dr. Fauci himself.

Speaking of, you want to know who jumped to the defense and downplayed the Anthrax vaccine catastrophe when our military members were getting sick and injured? You guessed it, Dr. Fauci. While most people are familiar with his AIDS epidemic failure:

He was also responsible for covering up and making light of the Anthrax vaccine injuries still affecting our military to this day. By the way, want to know what the side effects of this anthrax vaccine are?

That’s right, the same side effects they had for the Anthrax vaccine, are almost the same side effects they’re having now for all these covid vaccines. Keep in mind, these are just the “short term” effects. I do love how long term effects have been declared “safe” in children despite it being humanly impossible know at this point:

Service members left in droves to avoid this mandatory being shoved in their veins, others were not so lucky.

Fauci’s official response to the Anthrax fail was to claim they “solved” it by preemptively pumping people full of unhealthy antibiotics to fight it, “We already know that we prevented a serious problem on the Hill by essentially blanket-treating people with [Cipro]. We know that because when we went back and did surveys, we found that many people who had absolutely no symptoms were actually exposed.”

This Cipro “cure” by the way, that was pushed out by Fauci over cheaper and safer products, is produced by Bayer…you know, the company that got caught and sued for knowingly giving hemophiliacs HIV in the 80’s. Clearly this is a company whose first concern is people’s health, am I right? Because of Fauci’s not so good recommendation, Cipro in return was able to price gouge their drug, which I’m sure had *nothing* to do with his decision.

Is now also a good time to mention that Jerome Hauer of Emergent Biosolutions also warned government officials like his friend Dick Cheney to preemptively take Cipro in case there was an “Anthrax scare” ….a week before the anthrax letters went out to members of the media and government? Anthrax isn’t an easy nor effective “bioweapon” if you’re wondering, which makes his “recommendation” even more suspect. Even Fauci himself later admitted Anthrax isn’t that viable or effective as a terrorist weapon when compared to bombs or anything else really.

But wait, there’s more…Jerome Hauer also actively participated in the Dark Winter simulation that predicted all this in the first place.

That’s right, so the guy currently producing most of our covid vaccines had the specific and unusual means to be behind the original anthrax mailing scare to push a poorly tested vaccine, the personal financial motive, had practiced that scenario in particular, and apparent psychic abilities to know it was going to happen a week before it did…but the FBI decided to blame it on a lab worker instead. The whole Anthrax mailing investigation, unfortunately died with Ivins who committed “suicide” before he could make it to trial (and likely clear his name) and the FBI simply “rested” their case. Ivins didn’t have a motive to mail out Anthrax….but you know who did? The guy who’s company was going under until an Anthrax scare had the government buying his whole stockpile of BioThrax. If you’re wondering why no one else ever made a better vaccine….I can tell you they tried. The government wasted $877.5 million of our tax dollars on a company called VaxGen. They had spent four years developing a new anthrax vaccine, and the contract threatened Emergent’s business. Since BioThrax was the company’s only financially successful product, it would become obsolete if VaxGen succeeded in making a better one. So what did they do? They hired an army of 50 high powered lobbyists to bribe congressmen etc. to make the case that a new vaccine was a gamble and that the nation’s safety depended on buying more of Emergent’s crappy product (Emergent would later go on to buy this new vaccine for themselves after paying lobbyists to trash it.) Dr. Philip K. Russell, a vaccinologist and retired Army general who was a senior biodefense official in the Bush administration, described the outcome as “a big, dramatic failure. National security took a back seat to politics and the power of lawyers and lobbyists.” He believed that if officials had given the company more time instead of folding to lobbyists, it would have likely resulted in a better cure for anthrax exposure.

Yet despite all the conspiracies, dirty politics, sickened people, and ultimate failure, Emergent Biosolutions managed to win not one…but two exclusive contracts to produce covid vaccines. They didn’t even shop around for a better company either, they went with Emergent without any competitive bidding. Well, at least they’re doing a great job this time, right?

Nope. They paid themselves huge bonuses while their factories were so disgusting and contaminated that the FDA forced them to throw out 100 million doses of AstraZeneca and 60 million doses of Johnson & Johnson. Speaking of wasting money, let’s go over just how much this failed, corrupt company made through American tax payers through their lobbyists and dirty back deals. Here are the highlights, but you can read a more in-depth look from the original article here:

  • BioPort (Emergent’s) contract with the Pentagon provided for $45.1 million, including $16 million in immediate cash for plant renovations. The deal required the government to pay for the vaccine even if the drugs weren’t licensed for use, nine months later BioPort was still struggling to get FDA approval. When BioPort/Emergent went back to the Pentagon for money, Pentagon auditors looked at BioPort’s books and concluded that millions of dollars were “unaccounted” for. Originally the Pentagon DENIED their additional request for funding for a bail out, but in September of 1999 Pentagon contract officers, citing the “interests of national security” overruled them and approved a $24.1 million bailout. In addition to the bail out, contingencies were added and granted demanding that the government pay all the company’s debts and provided a 144 percent increase in payment for each anthrax vaccine dose from $4.36 to $10.64. At no point in time was congress made aware of this “deal.” Upon hearings held by Sen. John Warner R-VA and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Congress uncovered that El-Hibri Fuad and his partners had invested only $4.5 million of their own money in cash and loan guarantees for the entire deal. Admiral Crowe invested no money at all. In a written statement according to Rep. Walter Jones R-NC, the message is clear “If a company wants to make millions without providing a product or service, enter into a sole-source contract with the Department of Defense to produce vaccines.” For 3 years BioPort/Emergent struggled to get licensing for its plant and product. Meanwhile, batches of vaccine were still being made, and the Pentagon paid for the bill…including storage of all the unusable vaccines. By 2000, even the Pentagon had lost patience and told BioPort to stop making vaccines until the plant regained its license. But the military agreed to keep paying their bills, just to keep the company afloat. The Pentagon ultimately had paid BioPort $126 million for an anthrax vaccine that was stored and unlicensed. They also paid $33.5 million during that time for this damaging vaccine to be mandatorily given to 525,000 troops. By August 2001, the Pentagon finally publicly stated that they were considering abandoning BioPort for all its failures, but one month later came 9/11 and the infamous “Anthrax attacks” which as previously stated, saved BioPort and turned 2 prominent members of the company into main suspects. After only a few months, BioPort was mysteriously out of money again, their new goal was to win the $1 billion dollar contract the government was waiving in front of pharmaceutical companies (at the time the largest in government history) to supply millions of doses of anthrax vaccine for use by civilians, and government workers. Meanwhile, while the company was floundering at the tax payers expense and millions were already missing, BioPort President El Hibri Fuad and his wife were in the news because their neighbors were complaining about the 88-acre commercial equestrian and polo center they were building near their home in Gaithersburg, MD. right near Washington DC. On the anniversary of 9/11, six doctors, scientists and former military officers put together by BioPort and described as a “panel of bioterrorism experts” announced the need for preparedness. Their recommendation of course was to not rely on a new anthrax vaccine, but to purchase millions of doses of BioPort’s already proven faulty product instead. By September 2003, the Pentagon was paying $22 a dose….more than double the price negotiated in the original 1999 bailout. In 2003 BioPort became a subsidiary of Emergent BioSolutions led by El-Hibri, and by the end of 2003, Emergent signed a new contract with the Pentagon, worth anywhere from $29.7 million to $245 million, depending on how many vaccines they made and sold. Apparently the government wasn’t done pissing away our money and eventually awarded the $1 billion dollar contract to Emergent’s competitor VaxGen, a California company without a licensed product that was already in trouble for their misreporting financial results. Emergent’s response was to hire an army of lobbyists, and within six months and $140,000 in lobbying fees won BioPort a $122.7 million contract to supply 5 million doses of the vaccine to the Department of Health and Human Services, and created a domestic stockpile of their vaccine. Four days before the big contract was awarded, one of their main lobbyist John Hishta bragged that the company paid him $30,000 for “procuring” the government contract for anthrax vaccine. As we speak, Emergent is under investigation for mismanagement and and why 160 million doses of covid vaccines had to be thrown out due to negligent contamination….but only because the powers that be are trying to blame the Trump administration. My kingdom for them to dig in only to realize that not only does this all go back to Bush, but that the corruption is occurring between Big Pharma, lobbyists, and corrupt politicians on both sides.

Would you like to know who the major stock holder for Emergent Biosolutions and all this corrupt bullshit is?

Black Rock. That’s right, the same people profiting off the pandemic by buying up everyone’s homes and watching their mega-corporations out compete all the local and small businesses…are also the exact same people selling this dangerous “cure” that doesn’t work….again.

Want to know who the major stock holders are of the only other two companies making covid vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) in America are?

That’s right, Black Rock owns them too. Want to guess who the largest shareholder of Black Rock itself is? Vanguard (who’s also listed on all of them.) That’s right, these “different” mega-companies are all really owned by the same people. Vanguard is also rooted in Rockefeller money….you know, the people behind pushing all this globalist trash in the first place so they can rule over the rest of us like peasants and serfs. Funny how the exact same people pushing socialism on the rest of us, have no problem hoarding everything they own for themselves, while buying up everything they just took from us.

Do you see now what’s happening in the world, and why everything has been so screwed up with our for-sale-to-the-highest-bidder government as of late? Of course to pull something like this off, one would have to completely control the narrative. We already know the two radical leftists that own Facebook and Twitter, have no problem playing defense to this plan. What do they care, they’ll be enjoying life as one of the global ultra-elite. But to truly pull off and control the narrative on a scam this global and in-depth, one would also have to own or control both sides of the mainstream media.

Oh, wait they do. Black Rock/Vanguard are currently the top two owners of Time Warner, Comcast, Disney (FOX) and News Corp, four of the six media companies that control more than 90% of the U.S. media landscape. Funny how all this controlled covid and vaccine fear mongering sounds just like what happened with the 2020 election, and how mainstream media refused to report on any of the visible, rampant fraud while social media banned anyone from talking about it….oh wait, that’s right, guess who’s sitting on Biden’s administration in important positions that allow them to make even more ungodly blood money now….Black Rock.

Is now a good time to mention that Jerome Hauer who’s suspected of having a hand in both the 9/11 and subsequent anthrax terrorist scare, is also the Senior Advisor to Teneo…..you know, the corrupt powerhouse linked to the Clintons, Hunan Abedin, child trafficking in Haiti (because its normal that Bill Clinton was sent by Hillary to personally get a child trafficker out of jail, right) and their global political money laundering scheme that is the Clinton Foundation. Isn’t it “funny” how the same goddamn people are involved with everything sinister and dirty in the world? It’s almost has if there’s been a Cabal of a global crime syndicate of evil elites using their money to buy political leverage to make more money and control people, or something? Oh wait, here’s TIME magazine openly admitting that a Cabal (their words, not mine) that used their fame, money, and influence to rig, er I mean “fortify” the 2020 election. I’m so glad we were all “conspiracy theorists” for saying the exact same thing while it was happening. Back to Teneo, here’s a link to an expose of just how corrupt the company is, and how the Clintons used it to gain even more power, influence, and money by a left leaning, anti-Trump website, so it can’t be excused away as political bias: https://washingtonbabylon.com/nothing-to-see-here-just-total-corrupt-relationship-between-clinton-foundation-and-teneo/amp/

The “Deep State” isn’t Obama, the Bush’s, or even the Clintons….they are simply the useful, no-problem-being-corrupt-and-evil puppets of these conglomerate monsters. The military industrial complex and the mega asset companies that own them, make unbelievable money off unending wars and the deaths of American soldiers, and their lobbyists make damn sure the right political people and government alphabet agencies are in their pocket to keep that war machine grinding for profit unimpeded.

So to some (sic) it up, Rockefeller money owns Vanguard, who owns Black Rock, who owns all these covid vaccines, who owns the government officials and companies needed to push it on people, all the media companies they need to control the vaccine narrative, and pretty much everything else you buy or use in some way…and it’s all being boosted along by Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Soros-funded politicians, the Clinton Foundation, and Bill Gates. What could go wrong?

Or better yet, what can we do? If you boycott Coke for their “woke” policies and chose Pepsi products instead….let me tell you, they’re owned by the same companies and share holders as well. Not only does Black Rock/Vanguard own large stocks of nearly all the major companies in the world, but also the stocks of the investors in those companies as well. This gives them a complete monopoly over the global economy. We as consumers have no real say in where our money goes anymore and who we actually support….it’s an optional illusion because it’s all owned by the same damn people. We are all being played on a scale never seen before.

So how do we fix it? The reason monopolies are dangerous is because it kills capitalism and blocks competition. Technology only grows and improves when there’s a reason to be better than the other guy. It can also get into some scary territory as a monopoly can price gouge and do whatever the hell they want because they’re literally the only option to people. But we’re not talking about one phone company owning a monopoly this time….we’re talking about a few elite people and companies owning almost everything valuable in the entire world….and now they’re openly talking about instilling their own global government via the UN. Keep in mind these are the same people and mega-companies that are pushing for the “Great Reset” and “Agenda 21” that mean to enslave us all. The only thing that’s going to save the world economy at this point is to hold these mega-companies responsible for global coup they’re attempting to pull off. They don’t care if people live in miserable poverty, they’ve been making money hand over fist doing that to 3rd world and communist country slave workers for decades. They don’t care if people die, they’ve been selling poison to us for years and getting away with it. The only thing that can really be done at this point is to completely dismantle everything Vanguard and their shelf companies own and control as a global monopoly…and make sure it goes back to the People in their respective countries and not just back into one of their thousands of shelf companies. We need purge our government of these corrupt politicians under the control of these companies….and that starts with demanding a nationwide forensic election audit to see who’s really supposed to be holding these seats.

Side note: I’m currently working with a nonpartisan group pushing for a forensic audit in Nevada using our state constitutional right to one. Since we’re basically asking corrupt politicians to investigate themselves for fraud, we are being ignored and even threatened. Please take the time to read our official response and help us spread the word and put pressure on them until they buckle: https://thedcpatriot.com/nevadans-respond-to-state-officials-threats-of-felonies-against-them-for-demanding-election-audit/

Also, since I’ve kicked off Twitter and censored on Facebook for posting proof of voter fraud, you can follow me either through my telegram https://t.me/AmericanAFMindyRobinson or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy