Ministry of Truth; Mail-in Ballots; CV Exposes Left’s Agenda; Texas and Liberty?

Articles reviewed in preparation for the April 28th show:

Hans von Spakovsky: Dems Mail-in-Ballot Scheme 

28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last 4 Elections


 Coronavirus Exposes Leftist Agenda

Socialized Medicine

Sally Pipes: Coronavirus fight- Would ‘Medicare – for-all’ have improved US response to COVID-19?

Socialism & Universal Basic Income

Democrats Go All-in on Universal Basic Income

Pelosi: A Minimum Guaranteed Income May Now Be ‘Worthy of Our Attention’


Georgia state rep who endorsed Trump reverses resignation, calls Dems ‘the bigots they claim to hate”
Michigan Democrat facing censure for ‘thank you’ to Trump should join GOP, president says

Democratic lawmaker who endorsed Trump: ‘Black Americans are waking up. An uprising is near’

Disgusting: Democrats threaten to expel Democratic lawmaker for surviving COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine and thanking Trump


Texas Forgot About Liberty

North Texans Respond to Abbott’s Reopening Plan

Gov Abbott’s Re-opening Plan


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