Mr. President, If It’s a War – Appoint New Generals

It’s difficult for living Americans to grasp the sheer toughness of President Abraham Lincoln. The surface portrayal of ‘Honest Abe’ captures his goodness and decency; his most famous addresses at Gettysburg and in his second inaugural capture a spiritual grace that doesn’t necessarily bring to mind toughness.

But President Lincoln’s firing of Union General George McClellan during the Civil War exemplified toughness, courage and conviction. Everything was on the line for the future of the United States of America. McClellan was no slouch. He was later a Presidential rival to Lincoln. But Lincoln knew he had the wrong military leader for the times. Historians have noted their rocky relationship; McClellan was said to have developed a contempt for the President.

Lincoln fired McClellan…long before the Civil War was over; long before the Union’s victory was even close to assured.

It would be a few more steps before Lincoln would appoint Ulysses S. Grant as his ‘supreme commander’ of all Union troops, and still later, when Lincoln was pressed to fire Grant because of his not-always-upright-behavior, that Lincoln declined, with the famous “I can’t spare this man, he fights.”

Pre-coronapocalypse, Trump supporters throughout the country (the 63 million deplorables who elected him plus those won over in the first three years of his presidency) would have cited exactly that same sentiment for why they supported Donald Trump for and as President: “he fights”!

Trump still fights, and is still leading with the palpable, heartfelt love for America that is his trademark.

But it’s time to cut to the chase in this ‘war’ on the pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is not the right general for this war.

There is no human being on earth who writes emails to senior HIllary Clinton aides professing deep personal love of Hillary Clinton, who at the same time desires to serve you and your MAGA agenda. Not possible.

The MSM will say ‘oh, but he is just a medical expert and is simply giving his objective professional opinion’. Nonsense. Fauci is routinely smothering any hope of a remedy other than a vaccine in a year or so; he is planting doubts with Americans about ever returning to normalcy (people should never shake hands again?); his view of cratering the roaring Trump economy by his shutdown recommendations is that it is ‘inconvenient’. Fauci has a worldview, and it is shaping his medical advice. Most every other medical expert also has a worldview that would shape his/her medical advice on public health matters—so it’s all the more important to select a medical expert more aligned with the worldview that supports America First.

Dr. Deborah Birx is not the right general for this war.

She worked for the Obama administration; she worked with the Clinton Foundation; her husband was an advance man/functionary for President Bill Clinton. All perfectly legitimate jobs that by themselves do not disqualify her. But her ties to the Gates Foundation and the ‘vaccines are the only solution’ mantra; her open encouragement of exaggerated ‘cause of death’ reporting so as to hype COVID-19 mortality rates and fear; and her barely veiled contempt for you, do disqualify her. Oh, and BTW, her husband is apparently also a big donor to Hillary Clinton.

Mr. President, when an official’s spouse is a big supporter of and donor to Hillary Clinton, you may have a problem. Remember James Comey and his spouse?

Americans want a sense that their leading medical experts during this crisis passionately love America and the American way of life and are able to see even their medical expert role in that larger context; that they are determined to be part of a solution that preserves and restores America as quickly as possible and are leaving no stone unturned that leads in that direction; that they actually connect with Main Street America; that they embrace the American spirit of overcoming adversity.

Elitists who aren’t worried about their next paycheck no matter what they prescribe for the rest of us; who seem to think never-back-to-normal-human-activity assessments represent the higher wisdom; who act like nanny-state governesses rather than shoulder-to-shoulder fellow Americans;–sorry, Mr. President, but these people don’t think like you do, and they don’t think like the millions of Americans who voted for you.

There is a fire and a spirit of love for America that is built in to American ‘experts’ in many fields, and is felt by those around them. Fauci and Birx don’t have it.

Replace them both, now. There are dozens of brilliant medical experts in this country who could serve as lead medical advisors. Some understand the MAGA agenda and embrace it; others may be more tepid or even apolitical. That’s ok. But there is no reason to have as lead medical advisors in this pivotal national public health crisis two people who plainly do not support your agenda and barely conceal their contempt for you.

Mr. President, you’re reputed to be full of Manhattan street savvy, and we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on that—mostly on the strength of your having survived Coups #1 and #2. You’re the former star of The Apprentice, who knows what to do with people who are not up to the job they are required to do.

Yes, the MSM/Dem/Deep State complex will go berserk. But they are completely off the rails already; their ‘berserkery’ jumped the shark a long time ago; there isn’t any more damage they can do. The American people have tuned them out.

What are you waiting for?

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.