Mueller & Dems Dazed & Damaged; Iran Again

Mueller & Dems Dazed & Damaged; Iran Again

Articles reviewed in preparation for the July 24th show:

Mueller Dazed & Damaged

Robert Mueller said he was ‘not familiar’ with Fusion GPS. How is that possible?


Iran’s Calculated Aggression

(Nat’l Security Expert & Iran Specialist Clare Lopez Center for Security Policy joins the show)

Iran’s Seizure of two oil tankers was a stupid move – it could boost European support for Trump

Iranian Commandos Showed ‘No Niceties’ When Seizing Ship in Strait of Hormuz

Iran tanker seizure: Images of captured British-flagged crew released

#WallsWork – Clare Lopez on a Fact Finding Tour of Israel


Mueller’s Unjust Double Standard  

CLIP of Rep. Jim Jordan questioning Special Counselor Mueller


Mueller Prejudice on Parade

Rep John Ratcliffe on Mueller shifting presumption of innocence against Trump


Desperate Dems Destroyed 

Jerry Nadler is Going to Have a Meltdown When He Finds Out Mueller Requested Barr Limit His Testimony

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