Naomi Wolf – Her travails with the UK’s Ofcom reveal humanity’s challenge

Naomi Wolf – Her travails with the UK’s Ofcom reveal humanity’s challenge

If you take the time to read Dr. Naomi Wolf’s latest post: “UK MEDIA REGULATOR OFCOM GOES AFTER ME, MARK STEYN, FOR TELLING THE TRUTH“(see below), you will get a window on humanity’s current struggle with what some call ‘mass formation psychosis’.

Ofcom, a UK regulatory authority, has chosen to censure Dr. Wolf and Mark Steyn after a seven-month investigation of comments Dr. Wolf made on Steyn”s television show (which has since been taken off the air by GBNews).

Dr. Wolf is well known for having assembled 3,500 researchers and analysts to delve deeply into the vaccine trial data that Pfizer was forced to release to the public by court order (Pfizer initially sought to withhold the data from the public for 75 years…any idea why they would want to do that?).  See the book that documents the results of her efforts here.  That data is what Dr. Wolf and Mark Steyn were speaking of on the GBNews show…

The result of the Wolf-organized deep dive showed multiple adverse events–especially affecting women–known by Pfizer but never disclosed publicly by Pfizer amidst its (and public health authorities’) worldwide push for vaccination.  The data has not been refuted; it cannot be–it is Pfizer’s own data.  And the willing release and push by Pfizer of the vaccines notwithstanding knowledge of abundant evidence that the vaccines were not ‘safe and effective’ by the established standards of safety and efficacy makes their actions culpable in the eyes of people with common sense and common decency.  But Ofcom is having none of that; it is standing firmly and proudly on the notion that disclosing the truth is ‘harmful’ to the public.

Exactly how and why truthful vaccine trial data is harmful to the public is not explained, but here’s a possible explanation that Ofcom could have offered:

“People like Wolf and Steyn need to understand that there are millions of people who have been taught/indoctrinated to trust their government, to trust their experts, to trust their health to advanced theories of genetic engineering and manipulation.  They are deeply and emotionally invested in the narrative that covid sprang randomly from nature, that it was terribly lethal, that vaccines were humanity’s only hope for survival, that the ‘vaccine hesitant’ were ignorant sub-humans threatening the survival of the human race.  If every bit of that narrative was false from the beginning; if in particular all of the official lying and deceit behind the false narrative were exposed, and people were to completely lose their trust in their government, their experts and the advanced theories, the ability of government, experts and advanced theories to maintain control over the people would be jeopardized, and uncontrolled people are dangerous.  Further, if the people lose their trust in government, experts and advanced theories–and in particular if Wolf and Steyn connect dots that suggest government and experts were capable of or allowed ‘mass murder’–the people could become very fearful, unsettled and uncertain of what to trust, and we don’t want anybody to feel that way–it’s not good for them.  Worst of all, if people lose trust in lying, deceitful government, experts and advanced theories, they might instead turn or re-turn to God as the central guiding and governing force in their lives, and THAT would really threaten established authority, which cannot be allowed to happen.  

So you two simply need to be taught a lesson:  Yes, you may have told the truth, but truth doesn’t matter; maintaining established power and control does matter.  And you need to understand that people can’t handle the truth; they need those in authority to protect them from uncomfortable facts and truth.  A perpetual state of dumbed-down mesmerism, with people transformed into mind-numbed, subservient robots, is our utopian ideal.  So don’t ever tell the public the truth again.”

Wolf and Steyn are right, and they were and are courageous for speaking truth.  People CAN handle the truth; they HUNGER for it…because a divinely inspired message is written on their hearts:  “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”