Naomi Wolf – The Crime of ‘Talking to Tucker Carlson’

Naomi Wolf – The Crime of ‘Talking to Tucker Carlson’

The ability and willingness of the MSM to demonize whoever they feel threatens their worldview is truly astonishing; it’s almost hypnotic in its effect on vast numbers of readers/viewers.  Younger generations, in particular, seem vulnerable to being swept along, without any capacity to engage in critical thinking.

Tucker Carlson has been high on the list of targets for demonization, and Chuck Schumer and AOC are just fine with that.  But it is refreshing to read Naomi Wolf’s astute take on having been one of those in a hypnotic trance in support of hating Carlson…but through her awakening to the scope of covid/vaccine lies, has also awakened to the utter baselessness of the demonization of Tucker Carlson.

Carlson, like just about everyone in media, has plusses and minuses to his public persona, but the hysterical hate generated against him is simply ridiculous, unfounded and wrong.  And Naomi Wolf calls this out, rightly and powerfully.

Honest self-awareness seems to be in short supply these days; credit to Ms. Wolf for her courage to speak up.


The Crime of “Talking to Tucker Carlson”