Never Forget: The Entire Mueller Investigation was Fraudulently Launched

Never Forget: The Entire Mueller Investigation was Fraudulently Launched

The Democrats’ obsession with obtaining the full, unredacted Mueller Report is transparent:  Andrew Weissman of the Mueller ‘team’ is notorious for wordsmithing reports in ways that foment shock and dismay and frowns and gasps as to what might be implied by what is and is not said.  Almost any lawyer is capable of this; Weissman just happens to be known for it as part of his horrifically unscrupulous reputation according to Sidney Powell in License to Lie.

Democrats have probably had the full report already leaked to them; after all, the Mueller team consists entirely of, in Trump’s phrase, “Angry Democrats” determined to take him down.  So they are salivating at the chance to spin stories around Weissman’s craftsmanship with words.  If the unredacted Mueller Report is unlawfully leaked, expect countless spins around the obstruction of justice angle.

We call BS at the outset.  The entire investigation of Trump was and is a fraud from the beginning, a frame job that appears to have been the brainchild of Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan.  There was never criminal behavior by Trump or his campaign; there was never probable cause to believe there may have been criminal behavior.  The entire premise was a lie, deliberately constructed, pursued and  disguised by an Obama administration cabal intent on controlling the government before, during and after the 2016 election season.

Everything the Obama administration did, up through and including the forced recusal of Jeff Sessions and the appointment of Mueller, was a setup and a lie—it was itself an obstruction of truth, an obstruction of justice, an attempt to interfere with the 2016 election.  Trump had every right to scream from the rooftops at this witch hunt, as would any innocent man framed and then falsely accused by dirty cops.

That Mueller and his team would write anything implying obstruction of justice against Trump in objecting to being framed is just further evidence of the breathtaking audacity and dishonesty of the Mueller investigation AND the still-ongoing effort to take down Trump.

Americans must not fall for this brazen and despicable dishonesty.  The need to clean house of the Mueller team and all of its enablers has never been more acute.