New American Hero: Dr. Douglas G. Frank (UPDATED)

New American Hero: Dr. Douglas G. Frank (UPDATED)

UPDATE July 17, 2021

Dr. Frank is now posting regularly on Telegram, which you can find by clicking here (or search under “Telegram – Follow the Data with Dr. Frank”).  His posts include multiple examples of state election results from 2020 which are entirely predictable based on the application of the algorithms he discovered.  It is palpable, screaming proof of a fraudulent, rigged election.

As we noted in the post “Why Sidney Powell Gets the Galileo Treatment” nearly seven months ago, the sickening reality that dawns on everyone who objectively looks at the accumulating evidence of an utterly rigged election is that there are only three explanations for why elected officials are not jumping up and down and demanding a reversal of the election result and a radical reorganizing of election vote tabulation systems:  (1) they are in on the fraud and benefiting from it; (2) they have been intimidated or threatened into staying silent, or (3) they simply cannot come to grips (or believe the American people can’t come to grips) with the scale of the fraud, so it just has to be denied.

But truth has a way of outing itself notwithstanding all the sophisticated efforts to deny or distort it.  And that’s what is happening in America today.  Dr. Frank’s discovery, along with many other items emerging from Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and others are swamping the Swamp’s ability to suppress it all.

Interesting times ahead.  Keep praying.


When the story of the stolen election of 2020 is finally told, Dr. Douglas G. Frank will be featured prominently.  He may even find a special place in the broader story of American history.

Dr. Frank discovered the mathematical algorithms used in the hacking and fixing of election results throughout the USA in November 2020.  He presents his data and analysis in many forums; a recent explanation can be found hereAnd another at the June 26 Ohio Trump rally, here.

We’ve yet to see anyone refute Dr. Frank’s findings; they really can’t be refuted, because they are not a matter of opinion, they are a matter of mathematical calculation.  Precisely predicting the plot of voter turnout against census demographics and voter registration is not a naturally occurring capability–i.e., it can’t be done absent deployed tools of manipulation.  The election results had to have been programmed, fixed.

Dr. Frank discovered the tools of manipulation–the programming which gave him the ability to do the precise prediction that could not otherwise be done.  The only possible conclusion, stated in the simplest of terms:  Dr. Frank has irrefutably demonstrated that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen.

But the point of this post is not to dissect or regurgitate Dr. Frank’s analysis, but to honor his character.  He’s a self-proclaimed mathematics geek; an affable, gee-whiz kind of a man, who happens to have a special needs daughter whom he clearly holds dear.  But underneath it all is a traditional American patriot who smelled a rat, applied his talents to find it, and then stood up without fear to proclaim what he found…

…because he loves America.  Because he knows how exceptional America is.  Because he knows exposing and reversing the 2020 election fraud is the calling of these times; it is the pivotal issue for determining the survival or collapse of America as a constitutional Republic.

American patriots have been right all along to demand full audits of the 2020 election results; and the hysterical resistance of the left to audits(!) has been the ‘tell’ all along that the results were and are fraudulent.  Dr. Frank has delivered the missing piece:  the proof of what was done and how it was done (and Mike Lindell has presented evidence of who did it).

What’s left is the ultimate test of the American character.  The fraudulent result CAN’T be allowed to stand, or a self-governing republic of free men and women is over.  And so incumbent elected American officials—Republican, Democrat and independent—must rise as one to stop the lies, call out the fraud, and demand it be overturned for the sake of the country.  And the American people must rise as one to insist:  each and every incumbent who refuses to do so in the face of Dr. Frank’s analysis alone, deserves to be ousted from office at the next available election opportunity.  There is no excuse for turning a blind eye to the fraud evidence now assembled; there is no way to justify a ‘water under the bridge’ ‘move along’ non-response.

The next great American hero will be the person or persons who can generate a symbolic collective ‘hug’ by which all those Americans who cannot or will not see the election fraud because of their certainty that removing the evil Trump was a righteous result and therefor the actual result (the ‘tragically blind’)…can see the bigger picture:  what’s happening in America today isn’t about Donald Trump at all.  It’s about today’s iteration of the thinking that is determined to destroy the idea of human freedom inspired, guided and protected by almighty God.

Communism is one word for that thinking; abject materialism is another; the ‘radical left’ of 2021 are a representation of both.  They want the Constitution and ‘one nation under God’ overturned by the rule of men; Donald Trump was merely an untimely and inconvenient obstacle to implementing their plan.

Resisting and defeating that thinking has been the unspoken calling of every American generation, and the successful answering of that call throughout America’s history has blessed every American, whether they know it or not.  Because living in freedom under the American Constitution is infinitely better than any alternative.

Many of the hate-Trumpers will insist on holding onto their rage and refuse to look at the evidence of a stolen election.  And many others, especially in the millennial group, may be psychological unable to handle the truth of what that evidence represents about the magnitude of evil in the world.  But if even a small portion of tragically blind Americans can come around to seeing the truth of what happened and of what is really at stake–and maybe even if they don’t–overturning the election fraud of 2020 will take on unstoppable momentum and urgency.  Preserving freedom is that important…to all.

Here’s to Dr. Douglas G. Frank for doing his part to help the tragically blind to see; here’s hoping that once they begin to see, that there will be a new and different Dr. Frank to help them again love and serve the cause of preserving America and freedom.