Newsmaker Interviews: Carol Swain, Ann-Marie Murrell, Jacki Pick

Newsmaker Interviews: Carol Swain, Ann-Marie Murrell, Jacki Pick

Listen to the first hour of our December 6th show, here.  Links to articles reviewed in prep for the show, here.

Debbie opens the show with thoughts on the San Bernardino massacres. The famous movie Casablanca was filmed in 1942, before the outcome of WWII was known—yet American filmmakers knew who and what the enemy was, and knew the rightness of fighting it and defeating it. America needs similar clarity now. AG Loretta Lynch has no clue. What about Obama?
Will Obama’s speech tonight communicate a love for the goodness and greatness of America and the need to fight Islamic ideology?


Interviews occupy the rest of the first hour….


Vanderbilt University Professor Carol Swain calls in to talk about the tyranny of political correctness and coddled college students, in the aftermath of her op-ed urging caution regarding Islam in America.


Poltichicks founder Ann-Marie Murell joins Debbie for a discussion of the San Bernardino terrorism and the Obama administration’s response.


NCPA’s COO and resident energy expert Jacki Pick calls in to discuss the global climate change conference in Paris—what to notice and what to ignore.