November 1, 2015

November 1, 2015

The First 15


Debbie’s First Fifteen focused on race relations, and the mainstream media’s profound befuddlement that Dr. Ben Carson is a brilliant black conservative and that the GOP primary base loves him.


Contrasted Star Parker’s upbeat pro-America hope-inducing message to African-Americans who live in poverty-stricken inner cities, with the anti-American, divisive, resentment creating message of leftwing groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center.


When SPLC assumes and publishes the assumption that arsonist of black churches in St. Louis must be a white supremacist, but he turns out to be a black man, shouldn’t SPLC issue a correction and apology?


First Hour…


Interview with Star Parker, founder of CURE, who shared her story of misery produced by a lifestyle of dependency and entitlement, and a transformation to her life’s mission to lift African Americans out of the life of dependency and hopelessness, and into a sense of God-given purpose and America-affirming pursuit of hard work, success and dignity.


Budget deal capitulation by the GOP…no wonder the “outsiders” are winning the GOP presidential primary.


A Texas County Judge is told he cannot quote the Declaration of Independence in his welcoming speech at a naturalization ceremony. It is too religious, don’t you see?


Second hour…Leading Ladies Chris Davis and Mari Sullivan join Debbie for the second hour.

GOP debate primary discussion kicked off the second hour; lots of praise for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for standing up to the CNBC moderators’ harassment. Is it time for some of these very capable candidates to move off the stage ??


Moderators perpetuated the 77 cents on the dollar lie…again… when does the left get tired of this canard?



Reggie Littlejohn, founder of Women’s Rights without Frontiers, that fights forced abortion and gendercide (sex selective abortions) called in to talk about China’s one-child policy and how the recently relaxed rule allowing some second children will not stop the genocide. Reggie is a one-woman force for good.


Hillary Clinton’s dismissal of the seriousness of the Veterans administration scandal that cost veterans their lives… explained.


Hillary needs union votes, and union members at the VA oppose giving veterans a choice on where to receive health care, AND oppose the GOP proposal to strengthen the VA by allowing the agency to remove weak and incompetent (union—protected) personnel.


SO veterans can suffer SO Hillary can get union votes. And so it goes.


Polling shows majority of registered Democrats support socialism over capitalism. How did we get here?


Links to articles discussed on the show 

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Fifty-first anniversary of Reagan’s famous Time for Choosing speech (we are there again)

Seventy-seven cents on the dollar is a LIE—CRUZ knows this but wisely chose not to contest it at the debate — but it matters!  AND  More here

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