November 22, 2015

November 22, 2015

First Fifteen


Debbie’s First Fifteen address the rising “I’m offended” sensitivities on American college campuses, as illustrated at Vanderbilt University in the treatment of an accomplished black woman professor Dr. Carol Swain. This matters to you, because these attitudes can and do emerge out of the college environment into the cultural mainstream.


Talking with the Talkers


WSBA’s Gary Sutton from York, Pennsylvania calls in to compare the political takes and temperature in his part of the country. Refugees and Hillary ae among the subjects discussed.


Interview – Congressman Louie Gohmert


Stalwart conservative Texan Louis Gohmert calls in to talk about the implications of the House of Representatives passage of the Ryan refugee bill. Attachment of this bill to an upcoming ‘omnibus’ funding bill presents another Constitutional confrontation with Obama.


Links to articles discussed in the first hour: 

Carol Swain and college craziness and free speech …

Swain wrote this piece in the Tenessean 

Facebook took down her account and then restored it after Bretibart complained 

Vanderbilt and free speech 

Compare America’s MIllionStudentMarch mentality with the Chinese Cultural revolution 

Most Americans oppose bringing Syrian refugees here

 Hillary’s tweet.. 

Greek authorities say it is impossible to detect terrorists among refugees 

Congressman Gohmert was among a group that tried to strengthen that Ryan bill about the Syrian refugees ..


Cruise through the news 

Cultural appropriation of food 

GOP says it will withhold funding for climate change unless Paris deal submitted as a treaty ..


Second Hour….


Leading ladies Mari Sullivan and Lorie Medina join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.


Dr. Kelli Ward calls in to talk about her primary campaign in Arizona for the US Senate seat held for 30 years by John McCain. Dr. Ward offers her views on the Syrian refugee crisis, Obamacare, and how to persuade senior voters who have historically been loyal supporters of John McCain.


The leading ladies continue the discussion about how to respond to the Syrian refugee situation. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has weighed in with stunningly tone deaf comments.


Debbie and the leading ladies devote a portion of the second hour with helpful advice about how to discuss political issues with liberal relatives who show up for Thanksgiving….


Links to articles discussed in the second hour: 

Cruz challenging Obama to a debate on Syrian refugees 

Dallas Mayor more fearful of white men with guns than Syrian refugees 

FBI Director Comey says NO WAY to vet Syrian refugees

 SOROS group funding pro-Syrian refugee ads 

Wikipedia on Dr. Kelli Ward

Senator Ted Cruz on Christian Refugees 

Kelli Ward Patient Power plan to repeal Obamacare AND some reasons she is running against John McCain…


Cruise through the news


Obama Admin trying to crush Christmas (trees, music and greeting) at the VA 

GOP will hold back climate funding unless Senate gets treaty for ratification vote