November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015

First Fifteen


Debbie’s First Fifteen are all about the need for Americans to trust their instincts more than they trust the media. The media stories that are propping up various cultural distortions and contortions are proving to be out of step with the American people.


Election results in Kentucky with new Governor Matt Bevin, in Houston with the landslide defeat of the transgender accommodation proposal, in SF with the rejection of a pro-sanctuary city Sheriff—all point to how far out of whack the media narratives have become. Media narratives about the growing economy are also bogus.


First hour…


The saga of the Keystone pipeline deserves attention. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is a major investor in the railways that are the alternative to a pipeline—and Warrant Buffett is a big supporter of Obama. Wonder what that implies…


Veterans Day is coming up, and former City of Dallas “First Lady’ Laura Leppert is the lead organizer of a special event in Dallas


“Talk with the Talkers”


Debbie introduces a new segment where she will be talking on the phone with other radio talk show hosts from around the country, to get their localized takes on mood of the American people as the 2016 election approaches.


In this first venture into ‘talking with talkers’, Debbie talks with 660AM’s Mark Davis about the media’s treatment of Ben Carson and the West Point kerfuffle. The discussion covers the whole picture of the ongoing Presidential campaign and the media’s coverage.


Second hour…


Leading ladies Cari Kelemen and Jeni McGarry join Debbie for the second hour.


Egyptian-born author and Islamic expert Nonie Darwish calls in for a two-segment interview on the implications of Islam in America, including in relation to refugee re-settlement programs.


Other topics in the second hour: A hunger strike by illegal immigrants seeking amnesty; a Chicago school and transgender showers; the Houston transgender ordinance; a San Francisco Sheriff voted out because of his pro-sanctuary city position; Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live (and disgusting anti-Trump ads from Hillary’s SuperPAC.


Links to stories discussed on the show

Bevin wins Kentucky Governor’s race … opposition to Obamacare and medicaid expansion were big issues

Houston votes down the transgender bathroom proposition

Employment Numbers…

Unemployment rate at 5%

Black unemployment rate

Labor force participation rate at 38 year low

Obama vetoes Keystone Pipeline

WSJ Obama rejects Keystone

Warren Buffett angle: Berkshire Hathaway

Town in Ohio paints some parking spaces purple, for use by wounded vets

Politico’s Hit on Ben Carson

Wiki on Nonie Darwish

Hunger strike at Immigrant detention center

Protests in Germany over Merkel’s refugee policies

Pro-Sanctuary city Sheriff voted out – IN SAN FRANCISCO!

Federal govt rules Chicago school must let boy who wants to transition to girl use the girls’ shower and locker room

Houston votes down the transgender bathroom proposition

With transgender movement the American Left has descended into total madness