NYT Cartoon; 5G; Venezuela

NYT Cartoon; 5G; Venezuela

Articles reviewed in preparation for the April 30th show:

Does America Care about NYT & growing Anti-Semitism?

Her ‘final good deed’: Woman hailed as hero after taking bullets to protect rabbi during synagogue shooting

Why Most Jews Aren’t Bothered by the Times’ Anti-Semitic Cartoon

What if the New York Times Cartoon had depicted a Muslim, a Lesbian, an African American or a Mexican as a Dog?


WHY it is Dangerous to America If China Controls 5G            

The Threat Isn’t Coming, It’s Here: Security Dangers Imminent If China Controls 5G

The Chinese Tortoise and the American Hare


 Dems try reclaiming the word “freedom” AS Venezuela explodes

Venezuela’s Guaido calls for military uprising while flanked by soldiers at Caracas airbase: ‘The moment is now’

Rich Dems Spend $60 Million to Hide the Party’s Far-Left Agenda

Venezuelan Immigrant and TPUSA Activist: There’s Nowhere to Live if America Falls to Socialism



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