#ObamaGate; Left’s Rage at Flynn Case; Schiff’s Dishonesty

Articles reviewed in preparation for the May 11th show:

ObamaGate: Justice for all?

Trump Implies Obama Link in Flynn Investigation

Obama “Leaked” Clip

Sidney Powell on Flynn release:


WHAT Obama Knew & When 

Your Guide to The Obama Administration’s Hit On Michael Flynn

Obama knew details of wiretapped Flynn phone calls, surprising top DOJ official in meeting with Biden, declassified docs show

President Obama was in on plot to ‘frame’ Flynn, attorney says

Barack Obama and Michael Flynn


Left’s Rage About Flynn Case

Top Democrat demands ‘immediate explanation’ from Barr after Flynn case dropped

House intel transcripts show top Obama officials had no ‘empirical evidence’ of Trump-Russia collusion


Schiff’s Demonic Dishonesty

Adam Schiff lied about the Trump investigation – and the media let him


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