October 18, 2015

October 18, 2015

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The First 15

Debbie dives into the Democrat Presidential debate and the Bernie Sanders’ promises of free college, free health care, free Medicare expansion, free childcare…etc. Even liberal hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Maher had trouble with his numbers and logic.

First Hour… 

US Congressman from Texas Brian Babin suggests “put a pause” on refugee resettlement.

Irving’s clock boy visits Sudan…Islamic refugees wreak havoc in Germany and paint threatening “convert or die” and “the caliphate is here” messages on walls in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Guest Charlotte Hays of Independent Women’s Forum called in to update us on how a new California law to “protect” women will hurt jobs, women’s flexibility and women’s place in the workforce.

Government workers earn 78% more than their private sector counterparts … this is BIG Government gone wild with your tax dollars.

Second hour…

VP Joe Biden still thinking about the Presidential race.. but is he too late?

Did Hillary wrap it all up in the first debate?

Report from the Prestonwood Baptist Presidential Forum from Friend of the Show Suzanne Blackstone.

Democrat Presidential candidates outdo each other decrying how bad the Obama economy is… and their remedy is more of the same.


Links to articles discussed on the show 

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Clock boy meets Sudanese President AND list of dignitaries he has met

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Sweden-Convert or die

Carrie Lukas’ article about the new CA “substantially similar” equal pay act

DC paid leave act — another pointless socialist boondoggle

US govt workers make 78% MORE than private sector counterparts

Percent of Americans in unions public vs. private employees

Ted Cruz: Sixth Circuit Court grants stay against EPA Water Rules

Cruz hits third in national polling

Biden mulling run

Peggy Noonan says Biden should stay out cz Hillary won the debate

Dems ALL admit economy is terrible


Tracking presidential cash

GOP cooked if no win in 2016—should Reince Priebus have said that?