October 2, 2016

October 2, 2016

First Five


Debbie takes up the New York Times disclosure of a portion of Donald Trump’s tax returns.  A loss of $950M in 1995 is going to spun, but a simple fact that need to be remembered:  a tax loss is not a crime.  More important, the left’s attitude is that paying taxes to the wonderful government is their version of a moral obligation/obedience to god.  Americans don’t think this way.


The UN (including countries like Saudi Arabia and Cuba) says the US owes reparations to black Americans; the UN is a complete joke.


Race relations deserves our attention; a ‘must listen’ monologue.  There are American principles by which unity can be restored.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton calls in to talk about the effort to stop the transfer of the Internet away from America.  The judge wouldn’t act (holding that Texas had no standing to bring the suit); the serious dangers are now on the horizon, and Americans may rue the day the ruling class would not step up and stop Obama’s action.


Attorney General Paxton also talks briefly about the efforts of he and Governor Abbott to stop the flow of Syrian/Muslim refugees.  The Obama administration’s actions are indefensible.


The cruise through the news…with ‘Right View Roundtable’ members Chris Davis and Drinda Randall. 


·  Media mendacity – 50 GOP government officials oppose Trump, 35 media outlets report the story; 50 GOP government officials support Trump, 2 media outlets report it 


·  The wall in Calais – a parallel? 


·  California criminalizes video-makers who embarrass Planned Parenthood


·  Congressional testimony on the vetting process for Islamic immigrants is unbelievable


·  Obama and “Jerusalem, Israel”


In the second hour…


The opening question for the Right View Roundtable:  will it be a good idea for Trump to bring up Hillary’s treatment of Bill’s women in the next debate?  Tune in for three interesting takes.


SMU conservative student activist Drew Wicker joins Debbie in studio to talk about Planned Parenthood’s activities in sponsoring voting registration drives among millennials.  A counter registration effort, spawned by an event honoring law enforcement personnel, is a great idea.


College campuses in general are amazing petri dishes of raging liberalism with precious snowflakes…listen to some amazing stories.


A wrap up focuses on James Comey.  He may become famous in American history, but not in the way he would like.  More on him next week…


Despite the horrible choice of Trump or Hillary, Gary Johnson and his “Aleppo-moments’ is not a viable alternative.


The left’s efforts to making voters out of felons signals desperation.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the October 2nd show:

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Fmr Navy SEAL O’Neill: ‘More Offensive’ to Ask Someone About Religion Than to ‘Have Someone Blown Up’ 

Trump on Twitter re Machado 

Cal State LA offers segregated housing for black students 

Professors who voiced conservative views are reported to university’s bias response team 

Students walk out of veteran’s speech to protest his use of the term radical Islam: (Allen West!) 

Student changes his pronoun of preference to His Majesty 

Female students rip down flyers for event with Christina Hoff where feminism went wrong 

KU officials tell RA to remove image of Gorilla in freshman dorm because the image is triggering 

Cheryl Mills lied about Hillary’s server 

Comey’s immunity deals with Hillary 

The FBI’s Defense of How the Clinton Interview Was Conducted Is Full of Holes