October 25, 2015

October 25, 2015

The First 15


Debbie takes a deeper look at the House of Representatives’ recent action to allegedly repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. Turns out it is just more deceit being practiced by establishment GOP leadership. Just a veto-able fig leaf that will make it harder, not easier, to actually take the actions that conservative American patriots want.


This is the Chamber of Commerce at work turning the GOP away from conservatism toward globalism, including (1) implementation of Obamacare; (2) amnesty for illegal aliens, (3) full adoption of Common Core, and (4) complete funding of Planned Parenthood.


Establishment, ruling class politicians on both sides of the aisle simply cannot be trusted by the American people. They are manipulating and deceiving the people, not leading.


First Hour…


Lt. Col. Allen West (US Army ret’d) calls in talk about Hillary and the Benghazi hearings. May just be too early to draw conclusions about the impact of the hearings. A record has been created; and it is not favorable to Hillary as a prospective Commander-in-Chief.


Colonel West’s recent column on today’s parallels to 1938 gets a full discussion. The Obama administration’s abdication of American leadership has created an extremely unstable and dangerous world, which gets worse and worse the longer Obama remains in office.


Colonel West is now President of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), “America’s Think Tank”. Debbie will be moderating a NCPA forum of Texas women mayors on Friday, December 4th


Debbie reports on a recent conversation with Nonie Darwish, a woman who grew up as a Muslim, renounced it, and has become an activist spokeswoman alerting Americans to the dangers of sharia spreading in America.


Second hour…


Leading ladies Cari Kelemen and Jeni McGarry join Debbie for the second hour.

Enid Reyes, President of the Rockwall County Hispanic Republican Club, calls in to talk about conservative messaging that resonates with Hispanics. The basic misconception that Democrats are ‘for the poor’ and the others are ‘for the rich’ has to be reversed. Ms. Reyes believes Hispanics’ are inherently receptive to the message of individual responsibility; they just need to hear it directly.


The leading ladies take up the possibility—now voiced around the country—that women will determine the election results of 2016. So the questions for discussion: with a woman candidate for President, what else will drive the women’s vote in today’s environment? Safety? Security? Education? The economy? Even hostility to the emasculation of men that the left promotes?


The leading ladies have a lively discussion about the latest developments in the 2016 Presidential campaign, including former President George W. Bush’s gratuitous slam of Ted Cruz—after 7 years of silence on Barack Obama.


The ladies think the Bush family just doesn’t understand the mood of the country; neither does any part of the GOP establishment.


On a lighter note, the ladies mark the passing of October 21, 2015, “Back to the Future” day as memorialized by the famous movies series.


And Glamour magazine says its ‘woman of the year’ is Bruce Jenner? Really?


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