October 30, 2016

October 30, 2016

Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the October 30th show: 

Is Megyn right or Newt? 

Clarence Thomas speech on destroying our institutions

Mark Levin dissects Clarence Thomas’ speech 

Gov McAuliffe  donates money to Dem candidate whose FBI husband investigated Hillary 

Few Christians among Syrian refugees fed judge points out 

Loretta Lynch refuses to answer Congress’ questions on the Iranian deal and is accused of taking the Fifth 

National Anthem protest is LEADING cause of drop in NFL viewers 

Correct the record…Soros does NOT own voting machines, but… 

Soros and voting machines, #2 

Breitbart colluded with anti-Cruz and Rubio supporters 

Retired FBI agent’s letter to Comey 

Comey reopens the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email situation 

Comey letter to Congress on re-opening 

Comey’s letter to FBI staff about reopening Hillary investigation 

Comey, more 

COMEY broke with AG Lynch on decision to re-open 

Paul Ryan renews his demand that Hillary be blocked by classified briefings 

Hillary demands that Comey immediately release the new emails that caused him to re-open the investigation 

Huma holed up at home after FBI re-opening of case against Hillary 

Allen West has new name for Hillary: (and makes point “who is she” to demand release of FBI emails) 

SUMMARY of Wikileaks revelations

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