October 4, 2015

October 4, 2015

The First 15

Debbie’s First Fifteen addresses the hot topic of the week:

Pope Francis visits the United States and speaks to Congress. Many Catholics and non-Catholics traveled to hear him: great refutation of the Leftist claim that America is post-Christian or that faith does not matter to Americans. Marco Rubio makes great distinction between Pope’s views on spiritual matters as infallible, and views on economics and other non-spiritual matters, as not.

Texas State Senator Bob Hall called in and shared his in-depth understanding of the challenges to the Texas electric grid posed by terrorism, and the slow progress getting Texas legislators on board to shore it up. Life without electricity? Most people won’t make it…

Also shares view that more toll roads in Texas not needed …

John Boehner departure as Speaker of the U.S. House…

American Campuses are too far left for even President Obama??


Second hour…

Leading ladies Lorie Medina and Drinda Randall join Debbie for the second hour.

Can Carly Fiorina close the voting gender gap?

Hillary Clinton on Lena Dunham show… talking what feminism means.

Dunham disses “gendered” language..geesh

Dr. Ben Carson, US Presidential candidate tells Kanye West how to talk about women, and would enter race as most popular Democrat

Joe Biden would enter race as most popular Dem … will he?


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