Omar – Dismantle America; Gordon Chang; WHO/UN; Putin

Omar – Dismantle America; Gordon Chang; WHO/UN; Putin

Articles reviewed in preparation for the July 8th show:

Ilhan Omar: “Dismantle America”

Ilhan Omar Calls For The ‘Dismantling” Of US Economy, Political System


China Expert Gordon Chang joins me to talk Hong Kong

China’s new Hong Kong security law — 4 concerns that should trouble Americans

Gordon Chang: China Takes Aim at Hong Kong

Hong Kong protester first to be charged under new security law is denied bail


 America, WHO & the UN 

Trump Moves to Pull U.S. Out of World Health Organization in Midst of Covid-19 Pandemic

WHO Are You? A Pattern of Deceit at the World Health Organization 

Why are world’s worst violators joining UN human rights council?


 Putin President for Life

Situation Report – After 20 years in power, Putin makes himself president-for-life

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