Out Smollett’s Phone Records…

Out Smollett’s Phone Records…

…and we suspect the impetus for dropping all charges will become apparent.

Yes, the following is speculation, and if it were proven false, we would be the first to retract and apologize (something the MSM won’t do in response to the Mueller Report). 

But here it is:  it is no secret Kamala Harris and Jessie Smollett are acquainted; it is no secret Kamala Harris was one of the first on twitter after Smollett was ‘attacked’ to denounce the evil of racism so obvious in the ‘attack’; it is no secret Kamala Harris had been pushing unsuccessfully for the passage of hate crimes legislation—legislation given an PR boost by the evil racist ‘attack’ on Smollett; it is no secret Smollett refused in the aftermath of the ‘attack’ to turn over his phone to the Chicago police.

It’s also obvious Chicago Democrat machine mayor Rahm Emmanuel wasn’t part of the machinery that led to the dismissal of all charges and the sealing of all court records; the decisions apparently were made above his pay grade in the leftist/Democrat hierarchy.  He was appalled.

Kamala Harris is a black female candidate for the Democrat Party nomination for President of the United States.

If she were to be implicated in any way in the inspiration or orchestration of the Smollett hoax, her chances of winning the nomination, much less the Presidency, would quickly go to near zero.  And everyone in the hierarchy of leftist politics knows this.

Let the public see the full phone records of all calls on Jessie Smollett’s phone before and after the hoax attack.  Let’s see if there were any calls to or from Harris or her staffers or other campaign friends.

Don’t be surprised if the transparent injustice of dismissing all charges is overturned.  The left has an unwavering confidence in its ability to lie with impunity, and then trust the goodness and decency of the American people to be upset for awhile but eventually shrug and move on. 

But the over-the-top obviousness of the fraud, chicanery, and injustice involved in dropping the hugely publicized Smollett charges won’t go down easy with the American people—and that’s true regardless of the skin color (just ask the CPD Superintendent) or sexual orientation of the Americans observing this travesty.  Righteous indignation has a way of building up among honest and decent people everywhere—till it becomes a force that cannot be denied or held back. 

The left may have taken a step too far in arranging the Smollett dismissal.