Patrick Byrne – Crossing the Streams

Patrick Byrne – Crossing the Streams

A very interesting, upbeat piece from Patrick Byrne about the lawsuit to be filed with SCOTUS on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

We haven’t seen the lawsuit, and only marginally can claim to know Patrick Byrne.  But our sense about Byrne has always been that along with being an extraordinarily bright and informed guy, he is a truth- teller.

The 2020 election was stolen, and the American people–rising up with faith in what the founders called ‘Divine Providence’–have the power to save their nation if they will demand that this massive fraud be unwound.


Crossing the Streams

Allons enfants de la patrie,
Le jour de gloire est arrivé!

The stirring opening of the French National Anthem (1792) comes to mind this morning: “Arise, children of the nation, the day of glory is at hand!” Setting aside its call to “drench the land in impure blood”, it seems germane to this moment. That is because I am setting aside my previous calls for patience and belief in our overtime strategy of “four-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust” to get into their end-zone by November 2022. Instead, I am informing you that there is a 30 yard pass being executed in one week that could score and win the game, and we need your help: the time you can make a difference has arrived.

There is a lawsuit being drafted by Kurt Olsen to be filed with the US Supreme Court on the morning of November 23 (Tuesday before Thanksgiving Thursday, nine days from now). It is encyclopedia, definitive, and includes far more material than has ever been made public. What was filed last December was the result of three weeks’ rushed investigation: what is being prepared now is the result of a year’s worth of investigation, and invokes a novel Constitutional argument that I for one find conclusive.

We want Attorneys General to sign it. There are 26 states with Republican Attorneys General.

Alaska * Alabama * Arizona * Arkansas * Florida * Georgia * Idaho * Indiana * Kansas * Kentucky * Louisiana * Mississippi * Missouri * Montana * Nebraska * New Hampshire * North Dakota * Ohio * Oklahoma * South Carolina * South Dakota * Tennessee * Texas * Utah * Wyoming * West Virginia


Next week Kurt Olsen, Mike Lindell,* a quant, and a white hat hacker of my acquaintance, are all making the rounds among these AG’s, walking them through the case and asking them to sign up for their states. Thus it is the states which are the litigants in this Supreme Court filing, but unlike the last time this was attempted (last December), this time we have the information that SCOTUS cannot turn away.

Your mission for the next 9 days is to encourage (PEACEABLY!) these 26 Republican Attorney’s General to review and sign up with the lawsuit that Kurt Olsen is bringing them. That’s it.

For a year I have been hearing from Americans griping, “But how do we push back?!?! How do we fight this?!?!” I have been counseling restraint, but I am counseling (PEACEFUL!) action, at last. If you live in one of those states or can get to one, you want to be sure that the Attorney General of that state knows that you think he or she should review the lawsuit that is being filed in SCOTUS on November 23, and join it on behalf of the citizens of the state that elected him. And yes, this suit is a winner.

You wanted a chance to do something, this is it. Get the 26 Republican Attorneys General to sign on. There will be opportunity for peaceful assembly to petition your government for redress of greivance… simply by signing on.

The last time I felt this good, it was about 6 PM on the night of January 5. We had a plan for the following day, January 6: General Flynn was going to speak about history and the Constitution, two scientists were going to explain to the public, the citizens, the world, and the Senate, why we knew the election was rigged, and I was going to speak about the need for peace in our assembly (having published “Jerry Garcia on Confrontation & the Main Asshole” that afternoon, and planning on telling the Moldovan story from the stage). Then the Senate would have met, and at least 12 US Senators were going to object to the electoral votes being recognized from half-a-dozen states, and Mike Pence was going to bang the gavel and suspend the meeting for one week to give the states time to have hearings, consider all evidence they wanted to, and recommit their electoral votes.

At 6 PM Eastern on the evening of January 5th, that was our state of knowledge. And I will maaintain until my dying day that the plan had a 50-50 chance of working, maybe better… until people stormed the Capitol.

And yes, every time I mention that people respond in comments, But it wasn’t us on January 6! Or it was us but we got played! We got suckered into it! To which I respond: that’s right. You got suckered. Don’t be suckers. MAGA cannot afford to have suckers on our side.

So in the coming nine days, when we rally to request of these 26 AG’s that they do their job, defend the interests of their citizens, the rule of law and the US Constitution, by signing up with this lawsuit, do not get suckered again. Antifa is going to show up in two ways:

  1. They are going to be dressed in black and try to antagonize you into fighting them on camera;
  2. They are going to be dressed in MAGA gear and try to encourage you to throw rocks, bricks, break windows, and storm government buildings.

Get it? Don’t be a sucker. Don’t fall for #2 (like you did January 6).

Because if you do not, I think we are going to win this. I think a lot of AG’s have had their fill of the Biden Regime, will appreciate the logic of this case, and after examining the evidence, will sign. I understand that my hacker friend has already left a couple Attorneys General dumbstruck by opening their meetings reading them all their passwords and the passwords to their election systems. So we’ve got their attention, and they understand we know what we are talking about.

Everywhere I go I am asked by people, “But what can I do?!?!” Now you know. It is concrete, suepr-necessary, and here. This coming week. Get behind efforts to get those 26 Attorney’s General to sign this lawsuit.


*_Some day in the years ahead Lindell and I will be seated in front of attorneys, prosecutors, whatever, and they will want to question us for hours about our coordination this year. I will save everybody a bunch of time: Lindell and I know a lot of the same people, work with and through them, but here is our coordination: sometime about 8 months ago we passed each other in a hallway at a conference.

Lindell said: “Hey Pat. So you’re gonna be the ground game, I’m the air game?”

I replied: “Yeah sounds right Mike.”

Behold, that was the sum total of “coordination” between Lindell and me. We’ve cross paths a few times since then, calibrated for 30 seconds, and moved on. It’s a beautiful relationship, that takes so little tending to be so productive.

Yet as I said, we know some of the same people, and keep track of each other’s moves through them. We met yesterday, and agreed it is time to “cross the streams“.