Patrick Byrne Puts It All on the Line

Patrick Byrne Puts It All on the Line

In about a 46-minute presentation in Frisco, Texas on Saturday, December 12, 2021, Patrick Byrne connected some dots–based on his unique and extraordinary personal life experience–that put the American nightmare of the last five years in context.  The context is deeply, deeply disturbing.

Byrne’s story rings true and suggests the existence of a small cabal of radical anti-American leftists that made their way to the top of American government and were (and still are) executing a long-developed plan to destroy the American constitutional Republic.

You can watch his full presentation on Rumble, here.  And you should.  And make your own judgments.

Byrne is very believable; we have sung his praises many times.  He is exceptionally bright and deep; a serious philosophical thinker who is classically libertarian–neither Republican nor Democrat–but understands and recognizes the difference between truth and lies…and especially hates lies and liars who are out to sabotage America and freedom.

A few comments about Byrne’s 46-minute presentation:

If you don’t believe corruption and dishonesty exist at the highest levels of the US government, you are sadly naive, and you’ll want to ignore or deny or scoff at what Byrne has said.

If you’ve not followed the Wall St. financial meltdown of 2008-2009, or been deep into the details of the Russia collusion hoax, it may be tempting to dismiss what Byrne has said as too far-fetched…surely the product of a feverish imagination and intellect.

If you’re part of the Deep State and Pravda media, you’ll hope you can paint Byrne as a kook conspiracy theorist who will be ignored by most Americans.

But if you have been deep into the details of the past five years, you’ll sense a man telling the truth about systemic anti-American corruption at the highest levels of the US government, who is clearly anxious about what may happen to him as this story circulates.  This is what courage looks like…courage doesn’t mean you’re not afraid–courage is when you do the right thing despite being afraid.

The hard left; Clinton corruption; the Russia collusion hoax; the stolen election; and a plandemic psy-op–Byrne lays out a context for understanding it all.

We hope millions of Americans will have the courage to listen and consider what Patrick Byrne has to say.