Pay Attention to Tomorrow’s SCOTUS Filing…and Look at the Evidence! UPDATED

Pay Attention to Tomorrow’s SCOTUS Filing…and Look at the Evidence! UPDATED

UPDATE – November 23, 2021 8:18 pm CST

Though not officially filed, the complaint to be filed with SCOTUS has been made public, and can be read by clicking here.  Exhibits to the complaint are yet to be released, but the complaint itself is interesting reading.

This is an indication that resistance to this filing was anticipated by Lindell’s team; the Deep State is deep.  And ‘resistance’ could include an early SCOTUS dismissal.  So the fallback apparently was/is to file everything with the American people…the real ‘we the people’ who are supposed to run the country.  We’ll see if the alternative media will reach the majority of the American people–and we’ll see what the American people do with it.

You can pressure your AG to sign on the complaint here.

UPDATE – November 23, 2021  5:52 pm EST

Mike Lindell appeared with Steve Bannon this afternoon (and apparently will appear with him later today as well).

Lindell is not the actual plaintiff in the SCOTUS legal proceeding; a group of state Attorneys General are.  Lindell is reporting that some of the DAs are backing off, and others have been so busy defending against vaccine mandates that they were slow to review and signoff on the complaint being filed with SCOTUS.  The upshot appears to be that the filing didn’t happen today but is expected tomorrow (apparently not all AGs have backed off).  It is then to be followed by Lindell’s 96 hour ‘Thanksathon’ in which he and others will be encouraging, among other things, a thorough review of the complaint as filed.  So it would appear Lindell still believes the filing will occur tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving.

We hope he’s right.  But there is no possible way to overstate the stakes of what is happening with this filing.  The 2020 election was stolen, and the forces behind that steal are the darkest on the planet…they exemplify what St. Paul referred to as ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’.  They are not taking this lightly, and may not trust that they sufficiently own enough justices to control the disposition of the case.  There is nothing they won’t do to prevent the undoing of the fraud.

Telegram channels are filled today with information suggesting heightened cyber and other attacks on those most visibly calling for ‘fixing’ the 2020 election–most notably, Lin Wood.  Hard to decipher.  But we know Dr. Douglas Frank and trust his integrity.  He has been writing openly about preparing his ‘declaration’ or affidavit in support of the SCOTUS filing.  He’s given no indication there won’t be a filing, but he did indicate some kind of wrench got thrown into the process today.

Stay tuned.


Pay attention to the legal action being filed with SCOTUS tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, seeking to use the concept of quo warranto to require the Supreme Court to look at the assembled evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election and take appropriate action.

Examine the information presented in the filing.  Read it yourself.  Accept nobody’s spin or narrative.  Read.  Digest.  Think.  For yourself.  If enough Americans do this, there is a chance a full American restoration will be triggered and focused…because the ‘sleeping giant’ that is the American people and their love of their country may finally become sufficiently awake.  It’s that significant.

We believe what you will see is overwhelming, documented evidence—i.e., ‘proof’—of massive, egregious, unconscionable, criminally coordinated fraud implemented to steal the Presidency of the United States of America.

The relative personal or political merits of Trump and Biden, or of Republicans and Democrats ought to be viewed as entirely and completely and wholly irrelevant to this case.  The American people were denied their choice of President by demonstrable criminal action on a scale almost too large to comprehend.  This wasn’t about a few dead people voting in Chicago; this wasn’t ‘small ball’ chicanery dismissible by an ‘everyone does it’ excuse; this involved millions of votes across the entire United States of America, and all of the fraud went in one direction—to install Biden.

We can’t predict what SCOTUS will do, and we know there will be no shortage of opinions on what they can and can’t do, or should or shouldn’t do.  But for Main Street, common sense America, the right result will be staring everyone in the face.  Which is, that in the face of this evidence, the election fraud of 2020 should be unwound and overturned; the steal should be nullified and reversed; and the results of that fraud—including every Executive Order and every piece of legislation signed by Biden—should be declared of no force or effect, ab initio.  Joe Biden never had the right to serve as President of this country. Donald Trump was re-elected in a landslide by the American people and should be re-inaugurated, immediately.

Are there still many Americans with Trump Derangement Syndrome who might suffer a meltdown at this prospect-no matter what the evidence shows?  Almost certainly, the answer is yes.  Will they scream through the Pravda media, threatening to burn down America if SCOTUS even dares to read the filing?  Yes.

But SCOTUS must count the cost of failing—while the whole world and all the American people are watching—to stand unflinchingly for truth and justice.

SCOTUS justices so far have shown much more of an inclination to count the cost to themselves personally if they don’t bow to the leftist mob.  Their previous decisions on 2020 election fraud (really, non-decisions and refusals to look at the evidence) signal fear of the mob and basic cowardice in hiding behind the silly façade of ‘standing’ as the basis of running from responsibility.

But the November 23rd filing is not going to make it easy for SCOTUS to run from responsibility.  It will chronicle abject criminality throughout federal and state governments (and internationally)—ALL of it aiding Biden—that defiled and effectively destroyed the very concept of a Constitutional Republic governed by the consent of the governed through the mechanism of elections.

Integrity will compel every justice to honor their oath, call out the fraud and insist upon the logical and rational remedy.


To state the obvious, to believe SCOTUS in 2021 will act in this way takes a whole lot of hope.  John Roberts clearly fears the leftists, and stories abound that he may fear the Deep State for reasons the public doesn’t know.  Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney-Barrett show every indication of having been scarred by the confirmation process and more determined to placate the left and protect their own personal safety than to step up and protect the Constitution and America.

Character will be revealed in their consideration of this case…because the evidence of fraud that changed the outcome will be overwhelming.

What about the idea of the remedy noted above?:  “… the results of that fraud—including every Executive Order and every piece of legislation signed by Biden—should be declared of no force or effect, ab initio.”

Biden’s administration will have been proven criminally illegitimate; they should never have been in office.  Criminally illegitimate as the result of nationwide, sophisticated theft implemented by organized enemies of the United States.  Read the filing yourself.

The last ten months have left no doubt to anyone paying attention that a radical left agenda is being pursued that in no way was consented to by the American people.  It is an agenda of the criminal cabal that fraudulently put Biden into office, and the only rightful response is to nullify everything this administration has done.

Of course there will be arguments about the right remedy; of course many will argue it is too extreme or too unsettling to the country to have a court unwind ten months of government action, especially after having been installed with the aid and surface-level legitimacy of government institutions like the DOJ and Congress.  But it was all based on fraud…and every serious person in the higher reaches of government knows it.

Here’s the reality:  America and the world will face ‘unsettling’ times on a scale never before witnessed if SCOTUS does NOT do justice in the face of the evidence presented.


Patrick Byrne has been posting recently about SCOTUS’ decision in the 1857 Dred Scott case, which effectively legitimized slavery as embedded in the laws that endorsed separate treatment for citizens and non-citizens.  Byrne’s point is that SCOTUS made the wrong, immoral, unjust decision to legitimize human slavery, and the result of such a visible and wrong decision about the pivotal issue of the time was…civil war.

We wouldn’t be surprised if SCOTUS at the time of Dred Scott thought it would be too ‘destabilizing’ to free Dred Scott, as it might ‘unsettle’ the uneasy peace of the status quo that kept trying to compromise around the indefensible institution of human slavery.  But as history showed, denying truth and justice was far more de-stabilizing and unsettling.

Byrne believes, and we agree, that SCOTUS is about to be presented with the pivotal issue of this era.  If elections are not free and fair and trustworthy, there is nothing left of the democratic Constitutional Republic called America.  It’s just a land mass and a ruling class bureaucracy chosen by those entrenched in that bureaucracy and in control of elections.

Truth and justice will point in one and only one direction in this case.  Fear of destabilizing or unsettling society may seem to point in the other.  Here’s hoping SCOTUS will move resoundingly in the direction of truth and justice…just as the Rittenhouse jury did.  THAT will actually be stabilizing and restorative in the long term, even if Soros and his billion$ pay for Pravda-instigated unrest in the short term.

Again, look at the November 23rd filing yourself.  Accept nobody’s spin.  Examine.  Evaluate.  If you were a justice sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, what would you do?