My Very Fine Friends,


     My AmericaCanWeTalk show is all about preserving our unique and extraordinary country.  While we are not presently under military attack by a foreign power,  America is nonetheless under severe attack. We are facing existential threats to the very foundational promise of human liberty upon which America was created, and this present-day assault comes in many forms, and under many guises. 


     This is an attack from within. Defending against it requires understanding how and why this attack is occurring, and embracing the truth that we each have a part to play in rescuing our country.


     My upcoming September 18th Second Annual AmericaCanWeTalk Women for Freedom Summit features leaders and thinkers who recognize the peril America is in. Each will address one or more of the top issues facing America, issues whose resolution can and will shape the course of the future of freedom in America.


    At this Summit we will be presenting these topics and speakers:

  • Lt. Col Matthew Lohmeier, on Marxism in the U.S. Military. He was the First U.S. Space Force Commander, whose book “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military,” exposed Marxism in the military & cost him his job
  • Gordon Chang, renowned China expert, on China’s threat to America’s future of freedom.
  • Dr. Robin Armstrong, America’s Frontline Doctors, on covid policy, vaccine passports.
  • Victor Avila, former border agent & author
  •’s Jessica Vaughan, on border & immigration policy
  • Dr. Kelli Ward AZ GOP Chair on AZ election audit
  • Dr. Douglas Frank on overwhelming election fraud evidence via algorithms uncovered
  • Seth Keshel with compelling election mathematical analytics, showing election fraud evidence
  • Xi Van Fleet, survivor of Mao’s cultural revolution and now American mom whose remarks on Critical Race Theory & Marxism in America at a VA school board went viral
  • Tina Ramirez fighting CRT in VA’s public schools
  • UK’s Katie Hopkins on decline/surrender of freedom In UK and around the world
  • Frank Gaffney – prominent national security expert and founder of the Center for Security Policy, assessing the national security threats America faces
  • Dr. David Clements – powerful Reawaken America Tour speaker and host of The Professor’s Record. Check him out on Telegram, here:
  • Dr. Alveda King (via video) on Black Lives Matter, and her brand new Speak for Life organization


This truly is a “don’t miss” Summit for patriots. I would LOVE if each of you could join us!

 I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!