My Very Fine Friends,


This past eight months of the Biden-Harris administration have offered the American people a front row seat to watch the leftist agenda at work striving to destroy America. And this destruction is intentional, my friends.


An abandoned southern border with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring over the border and released into the American heartland, catastrophic and deadly foreign policy in Afghanistan, election fraud evidence mounting but squelched or ignored, Critical Race Theory infesting our schools and culture on a mission to divide us by race, wildly out of control spending plans, and new, unnecessary, and relentless covid-justified tyranny threatened and enforced —  all are intentional decisions. The left intends the chaotic and destructive consequences they are creating.


We are also in a battle over who among us is allowed to speak, and over who defines the truth on any topic.  And on every issue facing America,  leftists strive to silence the voices of anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with the false storylines they have defined as “truth” on every subject. 


Speaking of silencing voices speaking truth about America, you need to know that YouTube has permanently removed AmericaCanWeTalk from their platform. 


BUT,  NOTHING has changed on my show schedule!


The only change is that if you normally watched my show on 
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America  is in an internal war over whether America the free or America the Marxist will be the reality in the very near future in this country. I am absolutely sure that the majority of Americans are with those of us who want America the free and NOT America the Marxist.

I want to give you three reasons to be cautiously optimistic, while remaining ever vigilant.


First, Isabel Brown, a 24-year old Gen-Z American has a new book out called “Frontlines: Finding my Voice on an American College Campus.” She speaks with passion and amazing comprehension about the issues facing America from border abandonment,  to the silencing of speech, and the astonishing ferocity of the vaccine mandate mission. But the best part of her message is that Gen Z (those born between 1996 and the early to mid 2000’s) are significantly more conservative than the millennials. She urges the conservative movement to NOT write off the young people in this battle to save America.


Second, a freedom movement is rising in America and around the world. From the efforts of Americans to stop vaccine passports which you can read about HERE (and you can sign the petition there too), to parents refusing to back down in their fights against critical race theory (a theory which is itself racist) in their kids’ schools, to litigation filed by Americas Frontline Doctors designed to prevent the vaccine mandate from being enforced in the US military, to marches all over the world including Australia against massive shut downs, people are waking up! 


Third, at a recent meeting I attended with some of the nation’s leading patriot thinkers, we discussed a new springboard to communicate to the American people what is really at stake in our country’s current political turmoil. Labels like political party names OR conservatives vs liberal are both loaded and overused to the point of being meaningless.  So the idea introduced by these leaders will be The American Project, for Americans and by Americans. The  messaging and mission will lay out what is needed to hold on to America the great and free.  More on that soon.


Our Women for Freedom Summit was an overwhelming success! To all of you who attended, thank you for coming. If you were not able to join us, please know we are preparing the video from the conference for posting on our website, in easy bite-sized segments.


Over this coming week we will be talking about the REAL facts about the Arizona audit, the latest truly BIG news about covid, the Delta variant, and vaccines, the Second Amendment under siege, and more.


Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you soon. I can’t wait!