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Over this last week on my AmericaCanWeTalk show I have been sharing with you each of the completely stellar thought leaders and experts who spoke at our AmericaCanWeTalk Second Annual Women for Freedom Summit in September.  I hope you are enjoying their Summit remarks, and hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the Summit speeches this coming week.  On Monday October 25th, I’ll be back in studio live! 


Leftists feed the American people a daily diet of lies and absurdities. 


We are literally being fed lie after absurd lie, lie after America-bashing lie,  lie after reality-denying lie, on many important subjects, all day long, every day. We are force fed and clobbered with these lies. These lies form the basis of countless policies that hurt America. It is exhausting and outrageous and offensive. 


To add insult to being lied to,  we are told by media, by leftists in government  from school boards to Congress, by “experts” who presume to decree truth that mere mortals may not question, by social media that censors us, and by the leftist mob that cancels people who oppose them, that we have no right to disagree with those lies, no right challenge them, no right to speak in opposition. 


These lies are wearing thin on the good and noble people of America. One important example jumps out from this week’s news.


In recent years  leftists have fed Americans the preposterous lie that biological boys who say they are transgender really are girls. Not want to become or wish they were, but ARE. We are told to ignore obvious undeniable anatomical truth and instead go along with the pretend that these boys are girls because they say they are. So because they are girls, they MUST be permitted to use girls’ bathrooms. These leftists consistently argue that only an ignoramus would think this could present a danger to real girls. Any challenge to this obvious falsehood brings down the vicious wrath of the left, so many parents and school districts gave up the fight.

The Loudon County VA, the school board adopted this disconnected-from-reality LGBTQ favored bathroom policy (as did many others across the country). In a not-at-all-shocking  development, a boy who has boy body parts (who claims to be transgender) took advantage of that policy and according to the father of the victim, raped a 14 year old girl in the girls’ bathroom. 


The girl’s dad reports that authorities pressed him to keep quiet about it, not to report it, and the school made no reported changes to its policies.  The school board appeared more concerned about the sanctity of their policy and the “rights of transgenders” than the fact a student was raped on campusMonths passed with no action taken, other than transferring the accused rapist to another school where the boy was again soon accused of sexual assaulting another girl in the girls’ bathroom he was allowed to use.  He was finally arrested.


This week the dad finally erupted at a school board meeting, in an incident caught on video and likely viewed by most of you. The dad’s months-repressed anger brought about his arrest.


The entire incident happened because one of the long list of absurd leftist lies burdening our country has burrowed its way into American society and become seemingly untouchable truth.  No one can say that boy is a boy and should not be in the girls’ restrooms.


The fact that the school board did not immediately end the policy but instead instinctively lurched toward protecting the policy and the perpetrator speaks volumes about how deeply these lies have poisoned our country. It is preposterous that this credibly accused rapist was not arrested the first time but was instead humored and indulged and aided and abetted by transferring him to another school where no one changed the rules SO he repeated the offense.


In a rational America NOT run by leftist lies, NO policy would have allowed this or any boy to use the girls’ bathroom to start with. In a rational America we would not indulge the pretend that this boy is a girl because he says he is. The dad’s outrage against this absurdity is felt by millions.

It is time for America to end our indulgence in the Left’s lies, because they are not just innocent daydreaming fantasies, but are instead dangerous and malicious and destructive. And not just on this topic. 


Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!