My Very Fine Friends,


Did you read about the rotten stunt the leftist Lincoln Project pulled a few days ago in Virginia, just ahead of that state’s November 2nd election day when they will choose their next Governor? 

As polls show that GOP candidate Glenn Younkin is pulling ahead of Democrat Terry McAuliffe, left-wing agitators attempted to pull off a hoax to sway voters. They dressed up as white supremacist agitators and cheered on GOP Youngkin’s campaign bus, chanting “we’re all in for Glenn.” The anti-American Lincoln Project later admitted they had orchestrated the entire hoax, which was clearly designed to sway ignorant voters into believing that this GOP candidate supports racism or white supremacy.  

(To be clear, no one has claimed that Democrat candidate McAuliffe knew about or supported this farce, though I have not read that he or his team has denied he knew about it, either.)

There are a few really important lessons to learn here. 

  • The GOP candidate Youngkin is pulling ahead because most Americans do not like the Left’s destructive and irrational policies, which in this race have been exposed vividly. From VA schools teaching kids to judge and hate each other based on skin color, and to hate America (all part of critical race theory), to transgender lunacy leading to the rape of an innocent young girl, the Virginia voters are seeing up close and personal what today’s Dems actually stand for. And when the Dem governor candidate said parents should not have any say in what schools teach their kids, those  voters saw the disdain the ruling elite have for citizens.
  • Because Dems cannot possibly defend their policies, they resort to race-baiting, deception, and false accusation. They literally set up actors to pretend to be white supremacists who support the GOP candidate. Fortunately when real fact checkers examined the pictures and went to work figuring out who was in them, the hateful Lincoln Project deceivers were forced to admit they cooked up this hoax. 
  • Democrats resort to race-bating because they think it will work. They believe they have so permeated American society with the lies, the utter fabrication, of rampant white supremacy, institutional and systemic racism, white privilege, that all they have to do is push the right buttons and they can control the people’s behavior and votes. I DEARLY hope the voters of Virginia send this elitist Democrat gubernatorial candidate and the entire rotten Lincoln Project race-baiting team packing, OUT of the state.


Marxist outrages continue. From serious discussion about having the U.S. government pay each illegal alien up to $450,000 per person for their pain and suffering after breaking into our country illegally, to the proposed $31,000 per year in additional payments to single parents who do not work, just because, to the ongoing abandonment of the southern border, Leftists are telling you and everyone they are working to destroy America as we know it, as it was meant to be. Fight back!


I hear many conservatives lamenting  “how is America ever going to survive  …. we are in so much trouble… we are losing America.”  


I do not downplay or ignore how serious things are in America today. BUT I see so many signs of hope. Millions are waking up and recognizing that we are living in extraordinarily consequential times, and that we are each called to do our part to defend, rescue and protect America.  It is a GREAT time to be alive in America today! 


I’ll be speaking at Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour in Dallas in December, and spoke last week at the first Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association rally in Texas. And I have more speaking engagements right around the corner. If you or your organization would like to invite me to speak, email me at [email protected].

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Speak Truth About America. Deny the Lies.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!