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When Joe Biden was questioned by a reporter just a few days ago about why the U.S. government was negotiating to pay illegal aliens $450,000 per person to settle several lawsuits, Biden called the story “garbage” and added “not gonna happen.” 


The story, as explained in the Wall Street Journal, is that several lawsuits are pending, filed by illegal aliens who complained about the U.S.’s failure to instantly throw out the welcome mat and embrace their illegal arrival on American soil. 


The story of planned massive monetary payouts to illegal aliens was true, as White House principal deputy press secretary Karine  Jean-Pierre confirmed the next day, leading many to wonder if Biden did not even know what his own administration was doing, or forgot, or was embarrassed that the plan has gone public.


Compounding the crazy is that just this morning Biden reversed course and reportedly barked at a reporter who raised the issue, saying that of course these illegal aliens deserved compensation!


To more fully understand the absurdity off this plan, you must know some facts. The illegal aliens’ claims arise out of President Trump’s strict border enforcement policies that included separating kids from the adults who brought/smuggled/kidnapped or otherwise lured them over the border, because human trafficking and child sex trafficking is rampant. No one could know if the adults claiming to be the parent or guardian of the kids they had in tow, were coyotes, child sex traffickers, human slave traders or actual parents. And in case one forgets, keeping kids in cages at the border was initiated in the Obama-era, continued under Trump, AND continued today under Biden.


The audacity factor of these illegal alien litigants is through the roof. They feel so entitled to violate America’s territorial integrity that they break America’s laws and cross the border illegally, and then sue the U.S. government because they resent America’s immigration laws.

The cluelessness factor of the DOJ in even considering settling with these illegal aliens is also through the roof. Giving any amount of money to an illegal immigrant who broke the law by breaking into our country will only encourage future border-busting law breakers to find some other basis to sue America. Making a monetary settlement with any illegal border-crosser conveys to the world that we have no respect for our own border. 

Even more importantly, it confirms what many Americans are already deeply worried about —  that this administration truly has no interest in or respect for the concept of American sovereignty or for the importance of enforced borders. 

Biden’s team makes a mockery 0f America.

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Finally and on a humorous note, Governor DeSantis and many others are now calling the unelected cabal that occupies the White House the “Brandon Administration,” a hilarious reference to the wildly popular “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan. “ Let’s Go Brandon” is a more polite version of the intended message “F Joe Biden.”  

The Brandon Administration. Wish I thought of that myself.

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