My Very Fine Friends,


Sometimes it seems like the attacks on freedom are working in America.


America watches as the southern border of our country remains largely  unenforced. We all know it and we all see it, and we all know there is an agenda behind it, to flood America with illegal aliens and scatter them around the country so they can be in place for the next massive amnesty, and in some jurisdictions vote in the meantime. The tolerance, indeed near permission, for increased drug trafficking and human trafficking and sex trafficking speaks for itself.


We see it, the Biden administration knows we see it, and we know that they know that we know, yet they continue down the same “abandon the border” path, and we feel powerless to stop it. 




Covid has a  99+ % survival rate for almost everyone,  and highly effective treatments for covid like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, monoclonal antibody infusions, and budesonide are widely known, as are the unprecedented dangers of the covid vaccines, which have proven ineffective in stopping covid. 




Yet the Biden Administration continues to mock, obstruct and dismiss proof of effective covid treatments, and to exclusively push mandatory vaccines even for children, and vaccination passports, utterly ignoring the thousands of doctors trying to combat this tyranny.




We see it, the Biden administration knows we see it, and we know that they know that we know, yet they continue down the same “force the vaccines on everyone and limit the freedoms of the unvaccinated,” path  and we feel powerless to stop it.             


The January 6th episode at the Capitol was not an insurrection, and evidence mounts of egregious behavior by the FBI in its treatment of American citizens, yet the January 6th witch hunt committee plows forward, now focusing on questioning Trump supporters who have no connection to January 6th.



We see it, the Biden administration knows we see it, and we know that they know that we know, yet they continue down the same “January 6th was an insurrection so this kangaroo court process will continue” path, and we feel powerless to stop it.   


Some people who see what this administration is doing on these issues (and others) have adopted the “wake me up when it’s over and I hope they don’t destroy the country but I don’ t want to fight” attitude. Unfortunately submission to tyranny never stops the spread of tyranny.


But more Americans are recognizing that we are watching tyranny. And that’s good news. Recognizing what is happening is vital. 



A modern-day awakening is happening. You see it in the growing number of Americans willing to lose their jobs rather than submit to forced vaccination. And in the voices of doctors willing to challenge the vaccines at great personal risk. And in the border states that are taking up border enforcement on their own. Some being subpoenaed by the January 6th witch hunt commission are resisting. The spirit of freedom lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. Every step of resistance emboldens another.


 Challenging tyranny is the only way to stop it.  So back to my starting point … those standing up for freedom will win. Truth is trumping the lies. There is no one way and there is no one person to lead America back to freedom. Every person has their own foxhole where they can fight for truth, and help to stop the spread of tyranny and totalitarianism. Truth is winning. America the free will win.


Speak Truth About America. Deny the Lies.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!