My Very Fine Friends,


We are living in an extraordinarily consequential time in American history.  The under-the-radar movement of radical anti-American leftism, active for 100 years, has ideologically invaded in slithering snake-like fashion, and overtaken, our universities, our education system from K-12, Hollywood, government, some churches, media and journalism, and even our basic American culture and fabric. 



Abandonment of the idea of American sovereignty, and of reverence for the unique and extraordinary greatness of America, in favor of a globalist, UN Agenda 2030, WEF & Klaus Schwab mindset in which “we will own nothing and will be happy” is viewed in elite circles as enlightenment and progress.



The good news is that those brilliant enough to recognize the unique and extraordinary greatness of America’s founding ideas, and insightful enough to discern that those ideas are under siege from the anti-American Leftists, are now WIDE AWAKE.  



From parents at school board meetings pushing back against the CRT and SJW and LGBTGQ agendas, to employees around the country willing to lose their jobs to resist vaccine mandate tyranny, to border patrol agents speaking truth about our abandonment of the southern border, to doctors prescribing life-saving drugs to covid patients despite threats to their medical licenses, to patriots continuing to fight to expose election fraud as the media and left revs up the mockery mode “nothing to see here” message, and in countless other avenues and venues, Americans who love freedom are learning again that freedom isn’t free.



So it’s a great and exciting time to be alive! To be part of the meaningful and vital battle to preserve America the free. 



This coming week on AmericaCanWeTalk I will as always talk about many of the stories and events that matter to the future of freedom in America. 



Guests this coming week include Dr. Mark Sherwood who will talk about the 8,500+ covid patients he has treated with readily available medications without losing one. And psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald who wrote the book United States of Fear to expose the manipulation of American thought into the perpetual state of fear and therefore submission. And Chad Prather, GOP primary candidate for Governor of Texas.


Speak Truth About America. Deny the Lies.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!