My Very Fine Friends,


There is a tsunami of news in America about the pandemic.


The pandemic of fear, that is. Irrational, unjustified, hysterical, manipulated fear. Responding with fear and panic to every threat is a highly emotional response that often blocks out the reasoning and critical thinking needed to address problems.


Consider just two interviews from this past week’s AmericaCanWeTalk shows.  Dr. Mark Sherwood has treated over 9,500 covid patients without a single death. He talks to his patients about facing down fears and about how unhealthy fear is, among many other aspects of health and wellness. Psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald joined me to talk about his new book “The United States of Fear” in which he spells out the societal and cultural roots of fear, and the uses of fear to bring about division and submission.


“Fear not” is in the Bible 365 times.  Kind of hard to “trust in the Lord with all your heart” and be fearful at the same time. We can be wise in our actions, and take good care of our health, without giving into irrational, baseless, hysterical fear, and without surrendering our freedom.


Dr. Zev Zelenko spoke eloquently recently about the totalitarian trend unfolding in the world today using fear, and about a global mass psychosis related to fear of covid.  Dr. Robert Malone recently described the world as hypnotized, and succumbing to mass psychosis, and advised that those are awake to truth (the opposite of The Woke) need to band together and communicate and reinforce and support each other.  I strongly urge you to listen to both of these short but powerful videos.


On AmericaCanWeTalk I will continue to bring well-informed, substantive and thoughtful commentary, and guests, relating to all of the issues facing America. No matter what the attack on America, whether it is tyranny based on covid, or the rising tide of Marxist policies, or the abandonment of the border and intentional flooding of illegal aliens into America’s heartland, or any other issues that threaten America’s future of freedom, fear paralyzes thought, and therefore blocks reasoning and solutions.


Thinkers, and not emoters, are needed in America today, to help break the hypnotic, ongoing and relentless fear-mongering that has engulfed us. The future of freedom in America can only be protected by thinkers who are brave, and who will put into action the steps needed to preserve freedom.


Speak Truth About America. Deny the Lies.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!