My Very Fine Friends,


As I start writing this week’s email to you, we are winding down our Christmas day celebration, and enjoying the quiet and calm at the end of a sweet, relaxed, and happy day.  I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a meaningful, joyful, blessed, celebration this year.


Even in midst of the goodness and joy of this year’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and upcoming New Year celebration, there is in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans a deep and unsettled sense about America’s future course. 


A sense we are at a turning point or crossroads, or maybe even a bit past that point. A nagging concern that America the free and strong, the America where we assume without question that our individual rights and freedoms are guaranteed and protected, is slipping away, and we are not sure how to get it back, how to get our arms around it, how to save it. 


Yet I am deeply inspired by the wide range of people who are stepping up to say “we will not lose America, not on my watch.”  I feel certain that millions feel this way, and are looking for their foxhole, their place and role, in defending America.


Xi Van Fleet is one of those people. She is a survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution who warns daily that the mission and actions of today’s anti-American Left, the CRT-pushers, the relentless race-baiting dividers, are exactly parallel to the mission and actions of those who executed on Mao’s cultural revolution, leading to the deaths of millions. Xi’s bravery at school board meetings and venues around the country is echoed and repeated in the actions of millions of parents speaking up at their own school boards, demanding that the schools stop teaching their children to hate America, stop teaching them to identify themselves and to judge others based on the color of their skin, and stop inciting societal division.


Leftists intent on taking down America the free have established dozens of other beachheads in addition to their attack on public schools.

They openly push for the destruction of our lawful and honest election system via a proposed federal takeover of our electoral process that would mandate the use of known voter-fraud techniques, enabling and in fact ensuring permanent Marxist/Democrat control of our country. They are pushing for the loss of healthcare freedom and personal liberty via covid vaccine passports that would literally control whether you can leave your home. Dozens of other beachheads for the destruction of America the free, from abandoning the border to corruption of our criminal justice system, are right in front of our faces.


On my show, AmericaCanWeTalk, I am dedicated to exposing those beachheads, connecting the dots, removing the blinders, and translating the Left’s sinister missions and projects and agenda items from their duplicitous, happy-talk labeling into plain, honest English.


Thank you to each of you for your support of AmericaCanWeTalk, for listening, for sharing the show and these emails, and for donating to keep this show moving forward. 


America the free will win this battle for the heart and soul of America. Millions of Americans, truly the majority of Americans, still want America the free to prevail. And it will.  Stay in the fight for America.

Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!