My Very Fine Friends,   


I LOVE that 2022 has arrived! Somehow this new year already feels full of hope.  


Liberty-loving patriots have a long, important, purposeful to-do list in this new year, or we could call them New Year’s Resolutions, to do our part to preserve and protect America. To defend it against the radical left that is abusing its power in Washington DC. This abuse is happening on topics ranging from covid tyranny to attempts to permanently corrupt America’s election system, and dozens of other issues. 


But good things are happening! The below is a short list of good things happening in the fight against covid tyranny.


One good thing is that patriots like Dr. Bryan Ardis are spreading the word about the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci knew that Remdesivir was not only ineffective but actually dangerous for covid patients, when he mandated that it be the only drug hospitals were permitted to use to treat covid patients. LISTEN to our below linked interview. Mountains of information to learn and share including his comparison of cults to some things happening today. 


Another very good thing is that U.S. District Court Judge Mark Pittman has ordered that Pfizer CANNOT take the 75 years they audaciously requested to release the documents in their possession related to the covid vaccine creation process, but must instead release those documents by the end of September 2022, instead of by the year 2097. This court is standing up to big Pharma, big time.


Another good thing is that freedom lovers are challenging the vaccine mandates, which are an extraordinary and unprecedented abuse of power by the Biden administration.  As I write this the Supreme Court has just wrapped up oral arguments in two cases that will determine whether the Court believes that the executive branch of the federal government (Biden and OSHA) has the power to mandate covid vaccinations as a condition of retaining your job.  


I talk on my show about Americans becoming desensitized to the craziness and the tyranny of the anti-American left. Things that would have seemed absurd, impossible, and unacceptable just a few years ago, now are perfectly acceptable to many Americans.  


The idea that the federal government argued in open court that it should get to decide whether over 100 million Americans get a vaccination that millions oppose, that has a horrific track record of causing death and injury, for a disease that is easily treatable with inexpensive readily available treatments and is survivable for 99+% of Americans, is an example of this slippery slope to tyranny. In many jurisdictions the unvaxed already cannot eat in restaurants. If this Biden mandate stands, then the government controlling who has freedom to fly or even cross state lines, will not be far behind. Camps for the unvaccinated are already contemplated. Something approaching the Chinese social credit score system will be proposed and seem reasonable.


For those who are okay with all of this, this is a TEXTBOOK case of becoming desensitized to tyranny. Fighting to stop tyranny now is vital.


Last point. Each of these actions, from Dr. Ardis exposing the Fauci/Remdesivir information, to organizations suing Pfizer demanding the information about their vaccine development, to the judge ordering Pfizer to comply in 8 months not 75 years, to the National Federation of Independent Businesses fighting the vaccine mandate on businesses, required courage. Just one person, one group, at a time, doing something.


Each is just one step, and no one step can turn everything around. But each step in the right direction helps. People ARE fighting. 


Good things are happening. 


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!