My Very Fine Friends,  

On Thursday of this past week I watched a new documentary film called The Mind Polluters, produced by Amber and Mark Archer via their film company, Fearless Features. The Archers joined me on my AmericaCanWeTalk show later that day. The film consists of interviews with and statements by teachers, administrators, parents, elected officials and others who have firsthand knowledge about the content of what we used to call sex education in America’s public schools. It will make you angry, shocked, and ill, all at the same time.

What they report is the partly overt and partly subtle ongoing sexual grooming of very young children who are treated from the age of kindergarten as sexual beings. This “education” includes advocacy for sexual exploration of all kinds at very young ages, and validation and legitimizing of every possible sexual activity as normal, at almost any age, so long as there is consent.

That film got me thinking about the many ways our American society corrupts and pollutes the minds of our children. Schools around America teach some version of critical race theory, telling kids their value and merit and morality as individuals is determined entirely by their skin color. In California a school district unleashed on very young children the “Woke Kindergarten” agenda designed to “disrupt whiteness” and “white dominant/settler colonial narratives.”

These “woke” schools teach kids to hate America’s founding ideals, to support abolishing police, and lies like that Black Lives Matter is a peaceful organization but conservative protesters are the violent ones. They advocate for the eradication of America’s borders.

There are millions of homes in America where parents are committed to teaching their kids sexual morality as they discern it, and where they teach their kids to judge by content of character and not color of skin, and where they teach their kids America’s unique and extraordinary greatness. But kids from those homes, and worse, kids from homes where very little teaching occurs, go to school and are bombarded with messages and “lessons” telling them that everything their parents taught them is wrong. That they are defined by and guilty by reason of skin color, that sexual exploration among five year olds is real and normal, and that America is inherently evil and must be destroyed.

You may be thinking that this is bad but not your problem because your kids are grown. But consider: where will America be as a nation when this next generation comes of age and takes over the wheels of power in government, culture, the arts and entertainment, and education of the next generation?  (It is bad enough that many of the radical children of the 1960’s now teach college courses.)

All of this warrants our deep attention, prayers, and vocal opposition.  Millions of Americans are now awake to the anti-American and immoral rot that has been mainstreamed in many of our public schools. This situation CAN and will be turned around. And must be, for the sake of America’s future.

Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!