My Very Fine Friends,  


One of the most plainspoken yet entertaining members of the United States Senate, GOP Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, said recently:

“The American people are getting pretty tired of being called a racist or a traitor or a Nazi because they don’t agree with the president’s woke neosocialist agenda. And that is why his poll numbers are on a journey to the center of the earth.”


Kennedy’s flair for humor is legendary (he once said he trusts some in the Middle East as much as “gas station sushi”), but his candor and astute observations are even more valuable. Biden currently “earned” a 54% disapproval rating, with only 28% wanting him to run again. These numbers represent a significant decline of support for him and his agenda just over the past few months.


Biden’s bad polling numbers are cause for optimism, because they show that the American people still love and believe in freedom. They are flat-out outraged by the ongoing assault on America happening right before our eyes. America is growing weary of and less willing to tolerate the unrelenting fear campaign around covid, coupled with the socialist/marxist assault on our fundamental freedom to travel and engage in normal life unless we will surrender our heath care freedom.


But there is another reason for even greater, yet cautious, optimism. 

The Biden-Harris-Obama-Soros anti-American cabal that is ruling America may be starting to “lose” even their liberal base.


One tidbit on this comes from a Bill Maher show episode featuring Bari Weiss,  former opinion writer at the far-left New York Times (!) who pronounced herself  “done with covid,” and expressed the same frustration with covid tyranny you hear from millions of conservatives. And Maher’s liberal audience cheered her on!

We of course have a long way to go in restoring the expectation and presumption of freedom in the hearts of the American people, and in rolling back the power and scope of government authority.


But Americans are watching as the UK has now rolled back almost all covid restrictions, and the Czech Republic has scrapped their vaccine mandate, and wondering why America, the Land of the Free, cannot do the same. Relatively moderate Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration challenging their withholding of federal funds based on covid-19 policy and masks in public schools.


Americans are waking up to the fact that the left has been and is trying to use covid to steal freedom, and they do not like it.  

Freedom will win in America! Stay in the fight!


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!