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The world is entering a serious phase of danger as Russia is, as I write, expanding their invasion into the Ukraine.  Parallels to the start of World War II with Germany’s expansion into Sudetenland are chillingly obvious. 


This is no surprise move by Russia. Western powers have long known of Putin’s lust for and mission to restore the lost glory days of the Soviet Union and its control over eastern European countries.


Putin dared no such move under President Trump. 


The Reagan adage of “peace through strength” comes to mind. The wisdom and value of keeping America’s military well-trained, fully-supplied, adequately-funded, genuinely-respected and mission-focused is now obvious.


The Biden era military’s focus on pronouns, social justice objectives, sensitivity training, gender-identity and divisive obsession about race, signals to the world that America’s military is unserious and unprepared. 


Trump exuded confidence in America as a strong leader and defender of freedom, while Biden and the anti-American Left exude disdain for America, and choose policies that undeniably weaken our country.


The world’s numerous dangerous regimes, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, China’s Xi Jinping, Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi, as well as caliphate-seeking jihadists and others, are watching to see if the doddering and Afghanistan-abandoning alleged leader of the United States will do anything more than “condemn in the strongest possible terms.” 


John Kerry, Biden’s special climate envoy and former Secretary of State, weighed in with a concern about the potential “emissions consequences” from the war in Ukraine. Kerry also ACTUALLY worried that the attention of large countries would be “diverted” from fighting climate change because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Kerry thereby signaled the world’s would-be aggressors that America is indeed unserious, clueless, and poses no serious threat to their war-mongering agenda.  Clown show on steroids.


No one wants America’s troops deployed to fight on the ground to defend Ukraine’s border with Russia. (The Biden regime does not even defend America’s southern border!). 


Peace through strength by America’s government is intended to and can keep the world’s thugs at bay, and in doubt of their ability to conquer and expand. Today the world’s dangerous actors understandably sense weakness from the Biden administration, and that weakness has emboldened Putin and could easily embolden others. 


Biden gives the Ukraine and the world no reason to believe in America’s strength, judgment, or leadership. One could easily wonder what the Biden administration agenda really is, as our country is falling apart under the weight of their agenda of border-abandonment,  irrational and out of control spending, reckless and feckless energy policies that have destroyed America’s energy independence, and defilement and destabilization of America’s military.


This week on AmericaCanWeTalk we will talk with experts about the Russian aggression into the Ukraine and what it means for America’s stability, strength, and future. What are the likely consequences and what are our options?  And of course, we’ll talk truth about the SOTU and the new truckers convoy(s) in the U.S. Big week ahead!


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