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This week Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn appeared before the House January 6th  Inquisition Committee, and exercised his 5th Amendment right not to answer questions about his conversations with then President Trump about whether the president should exercise his authority to seize some voting machines to determine if evidence of  widely-suspected electronic election fraud existed. 


People should never assume any person is guilty of any wrongdoing just because he or she  “takes the 5th,” BUT that is particularly true in the case of Lt. Gen. Flynn’s situation.


Here is why. 


The January 6th Inquisition Committee is trying to make exercising free speech, discussing the evidence of election fraud and what to do about it, into a crime.  This entire inquisition is premised on the January 6th committee’s outrageous, unconstitutional, and tyrannical red line in the sand, that NO ONE can question the legitimacy of the November 2020 elections. That is the point of their effort to ask Flynn about the contemplated seizure of the voting machines. 


That the Leftist cabal running America agrees with this tyrannical silencing of free speech about election fraud, (one of the most important topics Americans MUST be able to discuss), is clear from the recent DHS Bulletin calling for anyone discussing evidence of election fraud to be considered a potential domestic terrorist.


This week Project Veritas’ released a secretly recorded video of New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Matthew Rosenberg saying that (1) there were a ton of FBI undercover informants amongst the people who attacked the Capitol, (2) the media coverage was an extreme and misleading/dishonest overreaction to what actually occurred, (3) the event was not scary, nor was it coordinated as the media portrayed,  (4) the “ridiculous” pee tape did not exist, and that (5) the “pee tape” involved the CIA and NSA. 


Rosenberg candidly describes the non-dangerous reality on the ground on January 6th at the Capitol, and some of his fellow NYT’s reporters as “neurotic,” and crazy leftists. Listening to him you’ll get a real sense of how extremely, flatly, bluntly, dishonest the New York Times has been in covering the January 6th episode at the U.S. Capitol. 


In the same week that Rosenberg and Project Veritas revealed the truth about the January 6th event and the New York Times’ nefariously dishonest coverage of it, AND the FBI’s apparent involvement, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland laughably and absurdly called the Capitol riot investigation the “most urgent” in the DOJ’s history. 

So far as I can tell, the January 6th Inquisition Committee has not expressed interest in uncovering and exposing the FBI’s role in the January 6th episode, despite the New York Times’ confirmation of the FBI’s large, undercover presence among the crowd that day. In addition, the Pelosi Congress claimed sovereign immunity related to their own January 6th videos and emails, so they can keep them secret “Justice” as understood by the J6 Insurrection Committee apparently requires only that political opponents of the Democrat Party must be silenced and humiliated, but the federal agents and political allies on the Left side of the aisle operate with impunity.

In reality, the only urgency shown by the Inquisition Committee is in their efforts to criminalize free speech, silence all conversation and consideration about the highly suspicious elections of November 2020, and intimidate Trump supporters.  


Now back to Lt Gen Flynn’s invoking the 5th amendment.  Recognizing that the Inquisition Committee apparently believes they have the authority to treat constitutionally protected free speech about suspected election fraud as a crime, Lt Gen Flynn would have been crazy NOT to invoke the 5th amendment. The J6 Inquisition Committee gave him no choice. 


The larger message that Americans should take away from Flynn’s invoking the 5th amendment is that America is now ruled by leftists who truly believe they have the right to silence anyone who questions their authority, or the integrity of elections, and worse, the right to criminalize speech about topics they do not wish to have you talk about. A very dangerous situation indeed.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!