My very fine friends, 


I know that millions of salt-of-the-earth patriotic Americans are becoming increasingly worried about our country.


From the Biden administration’s launch of the door-to-door inquisition about vaccine status, to the purposely divisive critical race theory overwhelming our schools and culture and seeking to divide us permanently along racial lines, to efforts to defund police while failing to protect innocent citizens and businesses from rioters who are rarely arrested and charged for their violent acts,  to the suppression of election fraud evidence by an increasingly militant media and government that has gone full-bore into mockery and intimidation mode toward those who want to audit elections, to the assertion that gender is a choice and 5 year olds can choose to be whatever among 52 genders they want to be, to the shutting down of American pipelines that provide inexpensive and abundant energy to Americans while simultaneously enabling Russian pipeline development, to the weakening and corruption of America’s military via the introduction of Marxist SJW & CRT exercises in lieu of actual military readiness training, to watching a man obviously suffering from severe cognitive decline pretend on the national and international stage that he is governing the most important nation on the planet, along with hundreds of other issues, Americans are alarmed, aghast, embarrassed, and puzzled by the seeming silent acquiescence of their fellow Americans to this craziness.


We are watching America unraveling, being torn apart, weakened and destroyed, from within. The enlightened among us recognize that all of this is related and intentional. They see that we are watching the slow-rolling Marxist takeover of America, the destruction of America the free. And we are watching the willing anti-American leftwing media marching right along, day after day, with a “nothing to see here,” “no reason to be worried,” “isn’t it great – America is back” message and attitude.


However, I am NOT an incurable Debbie Downer.  I remain hopeful about America’s future. Genuinely and seriously hopeful.


Last week in upstate New York, visiting family, with no provocation or even initiation on my part, I had interactions with complete strangers, check-out clerks in stores, and business owners, who went out of their way to tell me, once they saw my Texas driver’s license, how concerned they are about our country. How dearly they want to embrace American ideals and reject socialism and communism. How much they miss the Trump Agenda. How much they hate mask mandates, and how clearly they see the handling of the Wuhan flu as political, not medical. In whispered conversations, these every day Americans were saying they STILL love this country, and they want to back leaders and patriots who will stand up for this country.


These patriotic thinkers represent the majority of Americans. The Leftist agenda tearing us apart is NOT supported by the will of the majority of Americans, despite its apparent current success. The Left does not have the consent of the governed. So their agenda cannot stand, in America.


There are leaders standing up all across this nation, and many are guests on my show. There are media sources like my AmericaCanWeTalk show, speaking truth about America.


Support those leaders, and listen to this show. I am arming you with truth about America. Your fellow Americans need to hear from those leaders, from shows like mine, and from you. They need to know that the real America is alive and well and will rise up in our coming elections and take this precious country back. They need to know that you and millions of other Americans are NOT acquiescing in the destruction of this precious country.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!