My Very Fine Friends,   


The revelations spewing forth from the Hunter Biden laptop emails cause sane Americans to experience disgust and nausea, along with the a very creepy and alarming realization that the Biden family has been heavily immersed in corruption for years. It now appears that Hunter helped secure millions for biotech (bioweapons?) research in the Ukraine. And that the “the big guy” was aware and benefitting. The NYT only recently admitted that the laptop story it helped bury and hide prior to the 2020 elections was in fact true and enormously consequential. This story alone is enough to make the Biden Corruption Family unfit to lead America.


Uncovering and exposing that corruption matters.


But still the most important issue facing America, and one that EVERYONE can be involved with, and EVERYONE can help to solve, is election integrity. 


I cannot urge you strongly enough to listen to my interview HERE with Dr. Douglas Frank and Seth Keshel, from this past Thursday.  America’s elections are dishonest, rigged and manipulated. Only when enough Americans realize this, and pressure our elected officials to fix the problem, will America ever have honest elections.  YOU can be part of the solution by working in your community and your county government and your state legislature, to push for the reforms needed.


You will hear more on my show over the next weeks and months and years about HOW to fix America’s corrupt elections. Everything else that matters about America’s future, flows from fixing election integrity.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!