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Among the most consequential and country-changing discoveries and takeaways from the investigation into the January 6 episode at the United States Capitol is that a dangerous mindset exists among some of those in power in this country. They believe that they have the absolute power to tell Americans what they must think, believe, listen to, and say about the 2020 elections.  This is undeniably evident just in the fact that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a bulletin announcing that Americans who question the 2020 elections could be considered domestic terrorists. 


More evidence of this mindset is below. But first, a quick story AND an introduction to my show guest this coming week.


My friend’s mother was a physically abused political prisoner in communist Cuba. This mom escaped from that hellhole and made her way to America, where my friend was born.  Years later, this friend and her mom visited relatives in Cuba, and one story she told me made a profound impression. They were talking in this Cuban living room, and when the conversation turned to telling their Cuban family about their lives and political activities in America, their hosts became panicked, jumped up from their chairs, turned on loud music and shut all of the windows. The Cubans explained that if neighbors heard their conversation about life under freedom in America, those neighbors could turn them over to the police, and they would be arrested. 


The Cuban government makes the rules about what you can hear and talk about, and the virtues of freedom may not be discussed. Keep that story in mind as you read the below.


This coming Thursday on AmericaCanWeTalk I will interview Julie Kelly, an extraordinary writer and patriot warrior whose work appears on the American Greatness website.  Julie is among the top journalists  in America who has been chronicling the events surrounding January 6th 2021.  I am sure you will enjoy this interview! 


Now back to Cuba and today’s American government. Some DOJ lawyers, and some judges, are advocating for and actually punishing the act of discussing, listening to, or speaking about any views on election that deviate from the official Democrat leftist “truth you must believe,” that there was no outcome-changing election fraud in 2020. Not just via the DHS Bulletin, but in the real life of American citizens.


Consider the case of American citizen Doug Jensen. He participated in the January 6 events in Washington, and was arrested for his actions that day caught on video that appear to be threatening to an officer. After six months in jail, he secured a release from jail by stating he had been duped by QAnon into believing the 2020 election was stolen, and agreeing to comply with conditions of his release which included that he could not access the internet. He was later caught in his garage listening on a phone to Mike Lindell’s symposium on election fraud, and ordered back to jail. For listening to fellow Americans assess the legitimacy or lack thereof, of the 2020 election. 


Both Jensen’s condition of release and his subsequent re-incarceration are based on the idea that the government has the constitutional power to limit a citizen’s First Amendment right to read and listen to the speech of people with whom the government disagrees. The government is saying in effect, “you cannot listen to anyone who disagrees with the official ‘truth’ as pronounced by government.”


This is the moral equivalent of arresting a leftist who engages in violence in an Antifa or Black Lives Matter riot, and conditioning his release on his agreement to never listen to ideas that pro-American advocates for freedom do not like, such as Bernie Sanders’ foolish advocacy for socialism, or the widely-discredited arguments by Antifa or Black Lives Matter that America is a systemically racist country. And incarcerating them again if they do listen to those ideas.


The fact that believing that systemic racism exists in America might lead a person to commit random violence in reaction, is not a valid basis in America to take away that person’s right to hear and discuss the arguments regarding systemic racism pushed by left-wing speakers.  The fact that believing election fraud occurred might lead a person to engage in unlawful behavior, is not a valid basis in America to take away that person’s right to hear and discuss the arguments and facts regarding election fraud.


We prosecute crime in this country, not what people believe. 


This administration and this DOJ are crossing a very dangerous line impacting our constitutional right to free speech, which includes the right to listen to the free speech offered by others. If Jensen can be jailed for listening to Lindell, could a future leftist administration jail citizens for listening to conservative talk shows, or to a free market advocate, or to one who strongly believes in the right to free speech and freedom of religion, or to any other speaker whose ideas may offend or outrage Leftists. The answer is obvious.  Huge slippery slope.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!