My Very Fine Friends,   


Easter is the most important holiday in the Christian faith, celebrating Jesus’s Resurrection and the renewal and promise of God’s great love for and forgiveness of His children.  Passover is a beautiful celebration of God’s care for and protection of his people, including in times of great peril.


Both holidays are rooted not only in honoring and celebrating God’s great and unwavering love for His children, but in affirming God’s active presence and power in our lives today. 


This is the God our nation’s founders referred to as our Creator who had endowed each of us with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No person, no government, no monarchy or any other humanly constructed power should be viewed as the source of those rights, and consequently no one has the authority or even the ability to take those rights away. The founders did not create these rights, they affirmed they had always and eternally existed, and for the first time a nation would be rooted in the promise of protecting those rights. 


Americans have been blessed from the time of our nation’s founding by the founders’ wisdom in recognizing that our rights are God-given. 


Contrast America’s culture, society, government, and country built on recognizing those inalienable and God-bestowed rights, with what is occurring in Shanghai, China as I write this note to you.  


China recognizes no such God-given rights, and is rooted instead in the rejection of God, in strident atheism, and in the all power of the Communist Party.  No rights at all except what the CCP says you have. In Shanghai the government has literally locked residents in their government-issue high rise housing due to covid fears, resulting in haunting videos showing residents opening the windows and screaming out into the night to express their anguish over government lockdowns. Government troops are physically fighting with residents in the streets over access to food and other supplies. There is no guarantee of individual freedom there, to which those citizens can point in demanding accountability or recourse. They are prisoners of the state.


Even in America, atheism is far more than a mere personal decision a person may make to not believe in God. While every citizen in America is guaranteed the right to choose any religion or no religion at all, it is important to recognize that atheism is a strident political movement designed to remove God from public life and conversation. 


Worse, America’s atheism movement drives the agenda of those who lust for expanded power over your life and movement and freedom. Belief in God-given freedom as a real and meaningful promise is a roadblock in the growing socialist big-government control over your life agenda of today’s anti-American Left.


We think that Shanghai could not happen in America, and for now we are right, but the dry run of lockdowns, forced masking, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports are warning bells that freedom-lovers in America should heed. They are first steps along the path of rejecting the premise of God-given freedom. 


Coming up this week on AmericaCanWeTalk we will talk more about these issues, and about the evils of Dr. Harari and the Great Reset and its contrast with America’s promise of freedom, and much more.


I wish each of you a blessed Easter, a joyous Passover, and a lovely weekend.


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I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!