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Major revelations emerged this week of even more evidence of indisputable, widespread, and unconscionable election process vulnerability and election fraud in America in 2020. AND at the same time, more evidence that some of the beneficiaries of that fraud are determined to silence the American people who are exposing it.


Check out the one-page summary of the reports produced by experts in Mesa County, Colorado who examined the hard drives from the Dominion Voting Machines used in both the November 2020 national election, and in the April 2021 local election. Their findings include that “after vote counting was underway, thousands of ballots that had already been counted were secretly re-processed” and that “two new unauthorized shadow databases were secretly created” through “hacking or pre-set algorithms.” And the machines were “pre-set to erase critical records within just a few days.” You must read this one-page summary. You’ll never doubt that massive election fraud not only could happen but DID happen. 

Patrick Byrne exposed at his website the Declaration by University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Alex Halderman in 2018 litigation in which this computer expert describes Georgia’s voting machines as “vulnerable” and recounts that he or anyone could in a matter of seconds install vote-stealing malware. Byrne also recounts the story of the 25,000 word report generated by Dr. Halderman after his study of the new Dominion Voting Machine which was deep-sixed by federal Judge Amy Totenberg, despite Halderman’s motion to have it released so this expert could share it with the CISA. 


The simple point is that evidence by experts that shows our American election system is hopelessly corruptible and insecure, is mounting. The Biden administration’s response thus far has been marked by denial, disinterest, and threats. It was bad enough that the DHS issued a Bulletin in February informing Americans that questioning election integrity could be considered domestic terrorism. Just this week, the DHS has announced the Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board which will be tasked to fight “disinformation” which of course they define. 


The Biden government has anointed itself the definer of truth, which will mean that anything that opposes the hard left agenda they are pursuing, will be “not truth,” therefore disinformation. This is monstrous evil in any country. In America it is a sign of the danger we are in, and of the collapse of the freedom of speech, and eventually the right to honest elections. 


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!