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Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest serving Prime Minister, and a giant of a conservative leader, was assassinated this past Friday morning. Abe was known for his strong Japanese nationalist agenda and views, and for his opposition to the mission of the rising Chinese Communist Party. His aversion to Communism and China’s aggression made him a natural ally of America, at least under President Trump.  After his arrest the alleged assassin, Tetsuya Yamagami, is reported to have confessed, though his motive, political or otherwise, is as yet unclear. 


In Abe, the world has lost a leader who knew the danger of the CCP agenda and mission, even if no political motive is proven in his death. Prime Minister Abe worked tirelessly in office and after leaving office to fight for his country, his people, and his country’s economic strength, freedom, and its sovereignty.


Joe Biden is doing the exact opposite in America. Instead of exposing and opposing the CCP agenda, he is aiding and abetting it.  And harming Americans and America at the same time.


Biden just sold nearly one million barrels of oil from America’s strategic oil reserves (the emergency supplies that are supposed to be there to protect us in desperate and dangerous times) to China. Specifically, “Biden’s Energy Department in April announced the sale of 950,000 Strategic Petroleum Reserve barrels to Unipec, the trading arm of the China Petrochemical Corporation. That company, which is commonly known as Sinopec, is wholly owned by the Chinese government.”  


Biden did this against the backdrop of already unaffordable gas prices, and after his administration cancelled the Keystone Pipelinesystematically shut down Alaska and America’s energy productionand proposed recently to block all new offshore drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, though allowing some in the Gulf of Mexico.  


Tucker Carlson called Biden’s sale of strategic oil reserves to China impeachable. I agree. He is aiding our enemies.

On top of that, making gasoline for our cars unaffordable and unavailable is fundamentally and primarily a freedom issue, not an energy issue. If you are not free to travel, you are not free. If government through its policies makes it unaffordable to travel, they are intentionally taking away your freedom. Biden’s policies are driving Americans to that point. 


Worse, this loss of freedom is not the unfortunate or unintended side effect of Biden’s anti-energy policies, it is the point of those policies. 

The “climate emergency justifies tyranny of all kinds” agenda of the ruling elite globalists, the socialists, and the World Economic Forum Great Reset crowd is running rampant. Biden and others use grotesquely exaggerated climate alarmism as a tool to justify taking away your freedom and expanding their control over you, which has always been their agenda. More on that and the the Dutch farmers’ protest, still ongoingwhich is also all about climate-justified tyranny, on AmericaCanWeTalk this coming week.


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