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Steve Bannon, former campaign advisor to Candidate Donald Trump and then White House Senior Advisor to President Trump, was found guilty by a DC jury of two counts of contempt, based on his previous refusal to appear for a deposition with, and failure to produce documents to, the January 6th Inquisition Committee. 


Given that Washington DC residents (and therefore eligible jurors) vote over 90% Democrat, this guilty verdict is not shocking, but it is cause for great alarm for anyone who reveres our rule of law and promise of equal and blind justice. Doesn’t matter if you love or despise Bannon or President Trump or politics or either or both political parties. If we lose the guardrails of a fair and unbiased criminal justice system, if politics drive that system, we are all entering dangerous territory.


That’s because:

  • The decision to prosecute Bannon represented a grotesque deviation from the standards and history of America’s justice system. NO individual up until now has been criminally prosecuted for contempt of Congress. In very recent years, two Democrat partisan malefactors, former AG Eric Holder and former IRS official Lois Lerner, were held in contempt of Congress, and neither was prosecuted in the criminal justice system. One set of rules for the ruling elite, another for the “political opposition” the ruling elite is trying to destroy. 
  • It’s very important to remember that Democrats were in control of the DOJ & the entire federal bureaucracy at the time that the decisions were made NOT to prosecute Holder or Lerner, AND they are also in charge at this time when they chose to prosecute Bannon. To decide only enemies of the Democrat Party shall be prosecuted for a Congressional contempt citation, while “Friends of the Dems” are not, constitutes the corrupt use and raw abuse of political power to destroy your political enemies. That’s where we are today.
  • Bannon agreed last week, before the trial, to testify before the J6 Inquisition Committee, an offer that was promptly rejected by the J6 team once they realized he was willing to do so only if the proceeding was public. The J6 committee apparently prefers the private attack mode where the public does not get to hear the accused’s side of the story. Private testimony affords the J6 Committee to distort, selectively leak, and mischaracterize the testimony given. Just ask Ken Klukowski.  
  • The composition of the J6 committee was from the start designed to prevent meaningful, nonpartisan inquiry and representation.  As you may recall “Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rejected the minority’s chosen ranking member, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), as well as Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) — the first time in history the majority has denied the minority the right to choose its representatives.” 

If you think Bannon’s fate doesn’t matter to you, you might want to consider the broader ramifications of this abuse of power. 


If those in power can use the bureaucracy they control to abuse, attack, prosecute, and smear their political enemies, and treat American citizens differently based on “which side” they are on, we have lost the rule of law. We have already seen this on full display in the outrageous treatment by the DOJ of the J6 defendants who were placed in solitary confinement, and aggressively  prosecuted for very minor offenses, as contrasted with the violent and destructive Antifa and BLM rioters most of whom were never prosecuted.


Bannon is reportedly appealing, so the battle in his case is not over yet. 


But the bigger battle is coming as the Biden Regime, run not at all by him but by the Marxist Globalist Cabal behind the curtain that is pulling all of the strings and making all of the decisions, steps up its “no one disobeys or questions the regime about anything” mindset.  This Regime has already said it will tolerate no disagreement, and may consider you a domestic terrorist, if you dare to question their covid vaccination policy OR dare to question the integrity of our election process.  It is not a big leap to assume that politically driven prosecutions of those who “dare to disagree with the Regime” could actually happen, even if under the pretense of some supposed small violation or infraction.   


I have great faith in the founding American documents and in the American people. The spirit of freedom and free speech, and the commitment to justice, and reverence for the unbiased rule of law, are still building blocks of America, and they are still widely revered. 

Time to stand up for them.  More on this on AmericaCanWeTalk this coming week.


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